Letter to the Editor: Frank Schier’s legacy

Whether one agrees or disagrees with what appears on the pages of The Rock River Times or agrees with Frank Schier’s viewpoints, Frank’s unwavering support of the arts, the environment, renewable energy, and holding elected officials and government accountable are unmatched in the Rockford region.

Frank’s many gifts to the community – notably The Rock River Times locally owned and operated newspaper and the Rock River Trail Initiative and National Water Trail designation – should be celebrated and cherished. Now, more than ever, the community should rally behind these efforts to ensure they long endure.

The Rock River Times remains the largest independently owned weekly newspaper in the state. The independent voice provided by the publication is a rare and fragile commodity in today’s world of corporate media domination.

As the former senior assistant editor of The Rock River Times for more than a decade, I know well the sacrifices many have made – most notably Frank – to keep this independent voice alive. It has taken a tremendous amount of courage and resilience.

Please do not let Frank’s efforts or the efforts of his staff be in vain. Support Frank, The Rock River Times and the Rock River Trail in any way you can – by saying a prayer for Frank or sending him your well wishes, or attending the upcoming benefit, or picking up the newspaper each week, or making a donation to or purchasing an ad in The Rock River Times. Such an investment is one of the best that can be made in the Rockford community.

Thanks for your efforts, Frank, and best wishes. I still believe you will outlive the rest of us, but if that somehow turns out not to be the case, you can know your legacy will live on in those of us who have known you, worked beside you or read your words.

Brandon Reid
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Former Senior Assistant Editor, The Rock River Times

You can donate to Frank’s Fighting Fund on this GoFundMe page, and mark down to attend the benefit coming up Wednesday, November 9 from 5-10 p.m. at the Prairie Street Brewhouse.
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