RAMP reintroduces program to Freeport schools

RAMP greatly appreciates the support received from the Freeport Community Foundation, granting RAMP and the Freeport School District the opportunity to re-introduce RAMP’s Youth Curriculums into the Freeport School District. RAMP’s Youth Programs include three distinct curriculums: iBelong, Ignite and Teens In Transition (T’NT).

  • iBelong is a disability awareness curriculum that fosters an awareness of disabilities and issues facing individuals with disabilities that is taught in general education classrooms in grade Pre-K through sixth.
  • Ignite is designed to teach adolescents and young adults with disabilities the skills necessary to become active participants in designing their futures. The program actively builds the mindset and skills necessary for students to become self-advocates in a variety of settings including their IEP and Transition Plan meetings.
  • T’NT is designed to prepare young adults with disabilities to become employed, independent members of their communities. The curriculum actively engages students in a variety of topics including: post-secondary education, job training, soft skill development, mock interviews, financial literacy, and accessing community resources.

Part of what makes this new collaboration with the Freeport School District so exciting is the fact that the youth curriculums actually began in the Freeport School District over a decade ago. At that time, RAMP was successfully collaborating with the Freeport School District on other projects and wanted to expand on that partnership in an effort to serve more students with disabilities in the Freeport community. Thus, began the evolution of the T’NT program. The program was delivered to Freeport High School students every other week for a year with RAMP and certified FSD staff co-facilitating lessons that prepared Freeport students for a successful transition from high school to independent living.

Fast forward to 2016, this program has expanded to a full continuum of youth services that reach students grades Pre-Kindergarten through high school and is offered in each of the four counties RAMP serves. Unfortunately, these programs were no longer being offered in the Freeport School District, until now.

The generous grant from the Freeport Community Foundation makes a renewed partnership between RAMP and the Freeport School District possible.  This collaboration will allow us to showcase how much these programs have evolved and demonstrate the impact they have for students with and without disabilities.  RAMP is thankful for the support from the Freeport Community Foundation and thrilled to bring our expanded programs back to where they were originally conceived.

If you are interested in learning more about RAMP’s Youth Curriculums, please contact Jennifer Stitt, Youth Services Manager, jstitt@rampcil.org, or visit rampcil.org.


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