Endorsements: Fitzgerald for Coroner

Speaking of change that Illinois needs, here’s what should be a non-political appointee position of a local legislative body taking up space on the ballot. Boy, do we love an election.

It’s a letdown, really, to see these kinds of contests on ballots across the state. Here in Winnebago County, we have two candidates seemingly parallel in qualifications separated by party lines and campaign finance capabilities for a position that simply should not be decided by a political contest.

We do this with coroners, we do it with judges up and down the ballot, all the way to the state’s Supreme Court. There, our new chief justice who just recently took the top seat was aided along the way by dodgy dark money deals and backroom handshakes. Ultimately, we get the government we deserve at any level when we create the mechanism for such practices to exist.

If you open the door to politicking, then politicking you shall receive. Outgoing Coroner Sue Fiduccia took an early retirement buyout package after announcing she would not seek a further term. Our county set up a system that allowed an elected official to do that.

We need to take the politicking out of non-political positions across the state, at all levels of government. In the meantime, vote Frank Fitzgerald for County Coroner.

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