Endorsements: Representatives to the Illinois General Assembly

People love to talk about “change candidates” nowadays. They can fall in both main parties, maybe pop up from a third party from time-to-time. What they plan to change is all relative to the market they’re running in.

In Winnebago County, two seats for representative in the General Assembly are on the line: Republican John Cabello’s in the 68th District and Republican Joe Sosnowski’s in the 69th.

When we break it down, Cabello has been willing to cross party lines for his favored legislative projects, nearly all of which have to do with law enforcement and fire regulations. And to his credit, there isn’t anyone else in the Assembly so dedicated to those projects, as one would expect of a former police officer.

Sosnowski has slowly worked himself into becoming a career politician, from the DeKalb City Council in 1999 to the past six years representing the 69th District. He has, thankfully, passed on the duty of the annual GOP assault on the printing of public and government notices in newspapers to Tom Demmer down in Dixon. Like Dave Syverson, he’d probably like to run for mayor of Rockford some day. This is what we can tell you.

So now we come back to the “change” aspect, because if you listen to the GOP in Illinois tell it, we need change to remove Mike Madigan from power. This has been beaten into the heads of the electorate across the state since Day One of the Rauner administration. This is their rallying cry.

Yet, Madigan doesn’t represent these two districts; simply his own in Cook County. And for all the complaints from Illinois’ Republicans about the out-of-what Democratic budgets, no one from their side has seen fit to put one together. Instead, they prefer to spend time on legislative snowmen that melt away long before the hard work of the state’s budget needs to be done every Spring.

So, the question voters have to ask is what change represents to them. A voter in the 68th or 69th District who wants change in Illinois cannot inflict it in other districts, unless they want to cut a check for political campaigns. (Which, really, is that actually change? More campaign dollars?) They have to decide if the people who currently represent them can acutely affect change at their behest, or if that authority needs to be transferred to a new set of hands. And given the dismal approval ratings for the General Assembly, the question almost seems rhetorical.

If you think Cabello and Sosnowski can bring about the change Illinois needs, then continue to vote for them. But, if you’re like us and think change needs to come to Springfield, vote for their challengers Tricia Sweeney and Angelique Bodine, respectfully.

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