Endorsements: Vote Bustos for Congress

Democrat Cheri Bustos has served the 17th District admirably since being elected to the House for the first time in 2012. She has lent her name to legislation that is crucial to continued growth of the Rockford area and its surrounding communities.

Patrick Harlan, her challenger, is a Tea Party Republican who’s four years too late to the party. His ideas consist of what passes for modern neoconservatism in a political climate fueled by talking points. His boilerplate values are summed up as such on his campaign website: “Stop Radical Islamic Terrorism; Support the second amendment; Strong National Defense; Limited Government; Term limits on congress; Support law enforcement” [sic]. Amid a slew of quotes from various American historical icons scattered about his website, he presents no plans to succeed in any of those ventures.

While we have no doubt that Harlan is a hard working man with the best interests of his district and his country at heart, that does not make him a viable candidate for office. Vote Cheri Bustos for 17th District U.S. Representative.

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