Endorsements: Vote Clinton for President

Editor and Publisher Frank Schier, while battling lung and brain cancer, took a few moments from his treatment to dictate this endorsement personally. Schier, over the telephone from his hospital room, said, “I couldn’t lay here and not say what I felt needed to be said about this, the most important Presidential race of my lifetime.”

Many people in the past have said I need my head examined because of the endorsements I have made. Well, I just had brain surgery at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. So there.

Now that’s out-of-the-way, I must warn against the extreme danger of voting for Donald Trump for president of United States. He is clearly and supremely unqualified, nothing more than a reality TV show host run amok.

He is clearly ill-fated for the future of our nation. His reputation as a businessman is over exaggerated; his failures in business allowed to remain hidden for far too long and ignored by him and his handlers when brought up. He, like so many of the members of the lucky sperm club, succeed in spite of themselves.

At best, Trump’s financial plans could be described as “pie-in-the-sky” thinking; at worst they would be catastrophic for the U.S. and world economy. He says he can take massive chunks out of the national debt; analysts say he would treble it in eight years.

His refusal to release his tax returns crosses boundaries of previously unknown duplicity. His possible dealings with Russia represent a potential conflict of interest and an increased nuclear danger. His ignorance of foreign policy is a befitting of a third-grader.

His fight against a free press and the First Amendment is a giant flashing warning sign to anyone who claims to care for the defense of our Constitution. Congressional Republicans have tried for a generation to pin on the Clintons what the work of free and independent journalists has turned up on Trump in just over a year.

His blowhard prejudice against any and all minority groups is shameful. His rampant sexism is disgusting. He is a hustler and playboy in his own mind, and insofar as his father’s legacy could carry him in such endeavors. He is a dangerous man.

In short, Donald Trump is reckless and unpredictable, the very qualities we do not need near the nuclear trigger.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, for all of her email faults, is clearly the better candidate. The fact that FBI Director James Comey would release an inconclusive investigation and not release Trump’s dealings with the Russians is cause for concern.

Clearly, Clinton has the presidential temperament. Clearly, Clinton has empathy for the common man and woman and child.

Yes, for many she is the lesser of two evils. This paper has for many years wrote of the abuses of the Clintons. But the choices are so dramatic between the two candidates for the safety of our nation, the choice must be Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

She has decorum, not a comb-over. She is intelligent and nuanced. She can grasp the ever-growing importance of climate change as a threat to global stability and can solve the problems of our nation’s healthcare system.

Have faith in the first woman candidate for president. Her drive and ambition speak to her ability. May she rise above the most difficult circumstances ever presented to an incoming president. I wish the Draper’s daughter from Evanston all of God’s blessings and confidently place the fate of our nation in her hands.

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