Endorsements: Winnebago County Board

Where does one even begin with the current Winnebago County Board? Omnishambles might be under-performing in describing its work over the past two years.

This year, we have four contested races on the ballot: three head-to-heads and one that will take a write in.

• Republican Dave Fiduccia has a write-in challenger in local on-air radio personality Kevin McCarthy. Now, typically that would be enough to stop this conversation right away, but Fiduccia has been a do-nothing obstructionist on the board. McCarthy has garnered endorsements from Sheriff Gary Caruana, Durand Village President Gary L. Haughton, former county board member Frank Gambino, and more.

“I decided to run as a write-in candidate because I feel the voters need a choice in this upcoming election,” says McCarthy. He’s right, voters do, and those voters in District 11 should write Kevin McCarthy’s name in on their ballot for the county board.

• Fred Wescott is the incumbent Republican in District 17; Democrat David Soll has become a serial thorn in his side. To put it bluntly, Wescott is symptomatic of the ills that face the county. Soll is that “change” candidate we need on the board, perhaps even more so than McCarthy. We say vote for both. Elect David Soll to the county board for the 17th District.

• In Districts 18 and 19, we say stick with what has worked. Both Democrat Dorothy Redd, D-18, and Republican John Guevara, D-19, has shown themselves as capable and effective members of the board. As Winnebago County works to move past an era of corruption, Redd and Guevara are candidates their districts can rely on to help lead the way. Vote Democrat Dorothy Redd in District 18 and Republican John Guevara in District 19.

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