State transitions to paperless licensing for 2 professions

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If you’re planning on becoming a security guard or a pharmacy technician in Illinois, the way you will get your license is changing.

Last week, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced the state will move to online licensing for applicants of security guard and pharmacy technician positions.

The vice president of policy for the Illinois Policy Institute, Michael Lucci, said this will help cut red tape for people entering those professions. He also said it will streamline the process for both applicants and the government.

“Anytime when you can remove the paper option and replace it with a digital option, that’s going to make it cheaper, faster,” Lucci said.

The online application website will allow people to fill out all required information, pay and track the status of their application. Lucci said while the online licensing process will cut red tape, fees for applicants won’t go down unless a change to the law is made.

“It makes the government cheaper, so to speak,” Lucci said, “but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to charge less to the licensee.”

Lucci hopes there will be a change to the law and fees will be lowered for applicants. He said this could start a trend of making it easier to obtain a license and make it possible for more people to become licensed in a profession.

According to Lucci, Governor Bruce Rauner plans to implement similar processes over the next 10 years and hopes to save $300 million.

–Illinois News Network; The Illinois News Network is an independent project of the Illinois Policy Institute.

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