Your Horoscope: November 23-29, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

New age composer Nicholas Gunn and I will be collaborating on December 9 for an evening of music and spiritual experiences. Please join us at Memorial Hall, 211 N.Main St. This intimate evening has limited seating, you can purchase tickets at This will prove to be a memorial experience. As the sun moves into Sagittarius we will experience a lighter energy filled with unity; go within and see how you can contribute to humanity. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy.


The focus may be on a change within your career or residence at this time. Little hints have been arriving and acknowledgments for a job well done continue to flow in. Romance for many of you has been a bit rough. As the sun moves into Sagittarius opportunities for the right fit will arrive as well. A past love or past love interest will have an opportunity to rekindle itself, Aries.


Try not to take the behavior of another too personal now. The bull in the china shop energy is not what another needs at this time. Allow them some space to work out a personal issue. By next week you will see a change in their emotional state. A breakthrough with your career is evident at this time. Go for it, Taurus.


Romantic opportunities are evident during this lunar cycle for those of you in search of love. Many of you have needed to take some down time in order to heal the loss of a previous relationship. You have completed this cycle and are ready for a fresh start. You’re in the right place at the right time regarding your career this week. A legal contract complements your wallet as well as your self esteem, Gemini.


If you have felt sensitive and insecure recently, your intuition has played a major part in this situation. You may be worried about another’s health or emotional state. You will see a major change in this aspect shortly. A friend from your past will surface at this time. You will be delighted with the information you receive, Cancer.


Take stock in what you have and count your blessings. Looking at loss will do you no good now. An upgrade in your career sector is evident at this time. Take advantage of this opportunity and let the powers that be know that you are up for the challenge. You will find a great amount of satisfaction with this new endeavor, Leo.


The big picture looks a little cloudy at this time, but trust me: the universe does have a bigger plan for you now. If you pass up those that have not put their fair share of effort into life don’t feel guilty about it. Everyone is allowed the same opportunities for growth and positive accomplishments. Take a leap of faith now and grab the brass ring, Virgo.


Lead by example; it may not be clear now but you have made a powerful impact on someone younger or weaker than you are at this time. You have the ability to offer something to strive for, someone to look up to. Take this assignment seriously, this is a karmic test that you can pass with flying colors, Libra.


This week your energy levels are beginning to lift and emotions are shifting for the better. You have had some losses and challenges and your heart has been heavy. Expect a change for the better now. Romance is blessed with passionate aspects this week. Take advantage of this emotional windfall, Scorpio.


Your financial sector is improving as well as your debt ratio during this lunar cycle. You are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train after all. Opportunities for romantic encounters appear to be emphasized now that the sun has moved into Sagittarius. Impromptu gatherings put you in the right place at the right time, Sag.


You may be curious as to why you have not heard from a certain individual as of late. Try not to assume that it has anything to do with you. They may be overwhelmed with personal issues that you are not aware of. When they are emotionally prepared they will surface as though nothing has happened; leave it alone and move forward. A work aspect is about to change for the better. Enjoy, Capricorn.


You’re beginning to feel like yourself again. Take an opportunity to make connections with friends and family. A new arrival such as a child or pet opens your heart into a new dimension. Exchange energy with pure individuals at this time. A boys/girls night out may be needed soon. This will help you blow off some steam, Aquarius.


The power and the resources that you need to calm your internal storm lie within you. It’s just a matter of taking a leap of faith and trusting that the universe will not let you down. You can point fingers all day long at those around you, but at the end of the day you’re responsible for your own happiness. Take charge of it, you deserve the best, Pisces.

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