Your Horoscope: December 7-13, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon in Gemini on December 13 proves to be a lively one in one way or another. In fact, it could even shift during the course of the day as well as the days surrounding it from mundane to exceptional. This is a wild card day, so take advantage of the energy it provides. We will be entering our final Mercury retrograde for the year on December 19-January 8. I will discuss that at length in next week’s column. Enjoy!

Self-employed or self-contracted work is highlighted during this lunar cycle, contacts you make now will be extremely beneficial in the months to come. You will be expanding your career sector by taking on an additional product or service. By winter’s end all of your hard work and efforts will come to fruition. The past holds the key to your future, Aries.
Your intuition is working overtime, be still and listen to your gut. This energy will provide you with new career opportunities as well as heighten your love life. When January arrives, it arrives with a bang. All of your hopes, dreams and ambitions begin to fall into place, Taurus.
Opportunities arrive for romantic endeavors during the month of December. You may not understand the intensity of this at first. However, as the days roll on you will be able to sense the connection. The full moon in your sign on December 13 is absolutely outstanding and shines in your favor. Enjoy it, Gemini.
Your ability to help and heal others is extremely visible during this lunar cycle, but what do you do to take care of yourself? Time for a little self nurturing now. A day at the spa or an indulgent meal should be on your list of things to do at this time. This will revitalize you to continue your amazing strength with those who need it most. A work opportunity arrives that complies with your schedule after the first of the year. Relax, Cancer.


Those Leos that have found themselves restless within their current work situation will find a new avenue to pursue after the first of the year. Keep your eyes and ears open because it appears to be visible as early as December for some of you. You can’t have a romantic relationship when you’re allowing outside influences to get in the way. Set better boundaries, Leo.


You will be put in a position of authority at this time and you will handle this with grace and ease. Someone needs you to step up to the plate and protect them and you have the emotional tools to do just that. Choose your words carefully; count to ten before you speak, Virgo.


Romance may have had you in the dumps but now the tables are turning for the better. All of the unforeseen events are out in the open and you have the tools to battle these difficulties one by one. Before week’s end a heart to heart talk clears the air and sets your mind at ease, Libra.


You’re in a position to have the upper hand at this time. Take these steps to protect those you love and allow yourself the time and space you need to take care of you as well. You have the tools to accomplish great things in life and now is the time to use them. Your intuition is dead on during this lunar cycle. Use this to improve the quality of your life, Scorpio.


The full moon in Gemini complements your energy and supports your long-term goals throughout the entire lunar cycle. Enjoy this little breath of fresh air and create an outline for the months to come. Saturn is still in your sign through December of 2017; however, you will begin to see benefits of this as opposed to the challenges in the year to come. Embrace this, Sag.


Opportunities arrive to improve the quality of your life especially in the career sector. You have underestimated your abilities and your emotional state has caused you to go into a shell. Crack it open and look around. Be open and receptive to change even if it makes you a bit uneasy at first. Blessings are on the way shortly, Capricorn.


Watch that you do not get into a tangle with a loved one or friend this week. Pressures are mounting and you may not have the tools to deal with theses emotions properly. Surround yourself with tried and true individuals that have your back at all costs. Next week you will see the money pouring in from all directions, Aquarius.


You have the ability to acquire a rare object or a new client during this lunar cycle, so put your best foot forward now. Expansion with finance is evident and you have the ability to clean up some debt that may have developed over the past few months. Now that you have some breathing room set some aside for a rainy day, Pisces.


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