Electoral College: Elect the winner

By Nancy Churchill

Hillary Clinton won what many call the “popular vote.” Actually, it’s not a “popular” vote, it is only “the vote.” And Clinton won that vote over Donald Trump by at least 2.5 million, if not more. It’s therefore clear that by all counts she should have won the election, too.

But wait, you say, the Electoral College decides who wins! Okay, then, by that calculation, Donald Trump has not yet won either, since the Electoral College has not yet voted. That election takes place December 19, when 538 Electors will cast their ballots. The Electors have a Constitutional mandate to deliberate and choose carefully, as watch-dogs charged with protecting our country from an unfit leader.

And if Electoral College electors cast their ballots for Donald Trump for president, they will be “trumping” who the American people voted for, and electing the least fit president in American history.

In her 2007 book, The End of America; Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, Naomi Wolfe warned of elections like this. “Many Americans have an impressionistic sense that Mussolini and Hitler came to power through violence alone. But each came to power legally in a working democracy; each made use of the parliamentary system itself to subvert and reorder the rule of law; and each then, quickly, legally aggregated state power overwhelmingly in his own person.” Such leaders were clearly unfit.

Trump was been called unfit for president by many long before the election. And his actions since have only magnified that he is “aggregating state power overwhelmingly in his own person,” even before entering the White House. Clearly he intends as president to unlawfully enrich his family business by making deals with foreign leaders for properties around the world. What a disaster that would be for our nation. This means he’s truly unfit to be president, making this the most significant election in our nation’s history.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and one citizen, Daniel Brezenoff, has found one. His petition at ECpetition.com calls on whatever “Conscientious Electors” there may be in the Electoral College to protect the Constitution and our nation from Donald Trump. Surely most Electors realize by now that millions more Americans voted for Clinton because they know Trump is unfit for president. And as of this writing more than 4.7 million Americans have signed on to this grassroots effort to pressure Electors to support the national vote winner.

“Unfortunately,” Wolfe warned, “while it is very difficult to sustain an open society, history shows that it is fairly simple to close one down.”

Let’s not allow our society to close down without a fight. It’s not too late. We have one more chance to save our nation and the planet. Please visit electoralcollegepetition.com to join this movement.

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