Your Horoscope: December 21-27, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun leaves vivacious Sagittarius and enters down to Earth Capricorn on December 22. We will be more focused on the foundations of our future as well as removing mundane tasks out of the way during this time frame. Mercury retrograde is officially in effect now until January 8. You all know the drill by now. Be cautious driving, check and double check messages, back up your computer, and tend to maintenance with vehicles and appliances. However, it’s not always as bad as its sounds. If you heed the warnings, everything will work out to your advantage. Keep your cool, words that fly out of our mouths during a time like this can not be retracted. Be mindful of what you bring voice to.


Moderation is key this week, so try to keep a lid on overindulgent tendencies. We all tend to get a little stir crazy this time of year and it’s easy for things to sneak up on us. Without us realizing it, we can find ourselves in a choke hold. Friday provides you with an opportunity to expand your current financial status. Go for it, Aries.


You’re completing a long-drawn-out process at the end of the week, so it may be time to celebrate a bit. Invite a friend or loved one to dinner, music or a movie to break up the monotony. You may also be considering a change in your appearance or a fresh direction with your wardrobe. Now is an excellent time to explore new options. A little me time is just what the doctor ordered, Taurus.


You’re finally able to settle in after an extremely hectic schedule this past week. This gives you an opportunity to balance your personal space as well as your friendships and romantic relationships. For those of you who are single, opportunities to make the perfect connection are just around the corner. Look your best, Gemini.


Romantic aspects can be a bit confusing at the beginning of this week. It appears someone is trying to make up for lost time. Your personal emotions regarding this issue may have gone quiet at this time. It may seem as though you can’t recover what has been lost. Try not to placate another until you know exactly where you stand. Time will tell, Cancer.


A fresh start and a brand new beginning arrives this month. The recent changes you have made begin to pay off at this time. You feel as though the recent past heartaches are just a blur and something really big will arrive shortly. Make a list of your goals, dreams, and ambitions and watch them arrive one by one, Leo.


Travel is indicated at this time and a much needed break arrives to soothe your nerves. Try not to push too much into a small time frame. Go slow and make every moment count. You will find yourself begin to unwind during this lunar cycle. Romance begins to flourish as well. Make sure you let another know how you feel, Virgo.


You’ve made it past another huge hurdle; instead of insisting on seeing the glass half empty perhaps you could try to see the glass half full. You may be subconsciously trying to punish yourself from past emotional issues and situations. This will only stand in your way of progress. No matter what you have done in the past you’re entitled to a life filled with opportunities just like everyone else, Libra.


Financial and emotional restrictions are lifted this week. You can breathe a huge sigh of relief and begin to enjoy the simple things in life again. Family and friends have been waiting for you come out of your shell. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize this week, take advantage of these connections and emotional support. All eyes are on you, Scorpio.


You may be put in a position to help another who is experiencing a loss at this time. Your tender words of encouragement are more powerful than you realize and the universe will commend you as a result of it. Try not to panic, finances appear to be on the mend during this lunar cycle. At the eleventh hour, all falls magically into place, Sag.


Romantic opportunities are swarming around you now. You’re able to pick and choose from some very positive options. Try not to make a decision until you have properly interviewed all of the candidates. Once you explore your options you may find a diamond in the rough along the way. Career opportunities arrive after the first of the year, Capricorn.


This is a prime time to restructure your financial goals and put them to work for you. You can no longer rest on the ‘what might arrive’ down the road. Explore what you can do now to lighten your load. A friend from the past may resurface at this time. Allow this to heal itself, Aquarius.


You are in need of a break so that you can restructure your long-term goals. A constant negative chatter from another may have caused an unknown negative effect on you as well. Once you’re able to connect with your own inner voice you can see things in a different light. A job opportunity arrives from an unexpected source, Pisces.

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