Your Horoscope: January 4-10, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This Week

Happy New Year everyone. I’m hoping you all had a safe and healthy trip into the New Year. This fresh new perspective 2017 provides will be evident quickly. As soon as we move past Mercury’s bumpy retrograde transit to direct on January 8. There is always a little residual cosmic dust that arrives along with this astrological climate; not to worry though, we will all be in good graces with the universe soon enough. Enjoy!


Opportunities for career advancement arrive during this lunar cycle. This puts you in a fabulous emotional place at this time. You are able to indulge in the simple things in life for a moment or two before you get back to the grindstone. Celebrating the love that is exchanged between friends and family can become quiet contagious. This energy carries on with you through week’s end, Aries.


Your loved ones will be going through a major healing process at this time as a result of an outside influence. An old romantic problem will be put to rest once and for all and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As a result of this, your energy level shifts and you can focus on your long-term goals now, Taurus.


This Mercury retrograde has really taken a toll on you physically, mentally and spiritually. However, your eyes were opened to a hidden behavioral problem with another as a result of it. In the grand scheme of things, you actually dodged a bullet here. Your energy field will be clearing shortly and all will fall strategically into place. By week’s end you can see light at the end of the tunnel, Gemini.


You may be a little bored with all of the responsibilities on your plate early on this week. This is a great time to distribute tasks to those who are standing on the sidelines with nothing better to do than to watch you struggle. A fresh start with a romantic interest puts things in the proper perspective at this time. You both realize that you’re on the same page now, Cancer.


An unexpected offer or contract sets you above and beyond your own expectations now. You feel as though you can breathe a bit before starting in with your next endeavor. This is a great time to re-evaluate your heath and general well being at this time. If you have been overindulgent with certain elements you’re in a prime position to leave these darker aspects behind for good, Leo.


Before you flee the country try setting some boundaries in your own backyard first. If it appears you are revisiting the same type of energy exchanges over and over, take a step back to figure out why. If you remove yourself from the moment you can recognize what’s really at the bottom of it all. By week’s end an important factor weaves its way into your fabric, Virgo.


Harping on the past will not solve your future challenges, in fact it will hinder them if you allow it to continue. Many times we’re so busy running around asking everyone else’s opinions we forget to check our own internal compass for guidance. Opinions can be helpful, yet unless it’s resonating with your own heart they hold no value, Libra.


Be brave and do not let another manipulate your emotions now. Instead of worrying about negative aspects that may happen, focus on all of the blessings that have occurred up until this point. This glass half empty mentality that you have been harboring is not doing you any good and is drawing in more of the same type of energy. The perfect solution for a long-standing problem arrives by week’s end, Scorpio.


This week starts out with a bang. Powerful financial opportunities will be obvious during the entire month of January so this is your time to shine. For some of you, it appears you will be leaving a long-standing commitment behind once and for all. This opens doors for new endeavors that will be arriving shortly. You can no longer be taken advantage of by an opportunist that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Trust the universe, Sag.


There is a definite shift in the way you are handling your own inner fears at this time. Instead of projecting them onto others, you are facing them head on and removing them one by one. As a result of this, those around you may be more interested in exchanging energy with you. Romance seems to be falling into place at this time. The past is in the past for good now, Capricorn.


This long-drawn-out legal element or frustrating contract should be put to rest shortly. This will give you an opportunity to focus more on your personal long-term goals. There may be a worry involving the heath of a friend or family member this week. Try to remain objective and don’t panic. The end result is more positive than the initial problem, Aquarius.


You may want to focus on a long-term financial plan at this time. You will be in a position to make favorable contacts shortly. As a result of this, business is booming in one way or another. The weekend provides time to concentrate on a personal matter more closely. You have the perfect solution to a long-standing problem, Pisces.

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