That genie won’t go back!

By Nancy Churchill

Passed by Democrats in 2010, the Affordable Care Act has saved lives. Nevertheless, the least productive Congress in history, led by Republicans, found time to vote nearly 60 times to try to stuff that genie back into the bottle. This was, of course, when there was no chance that a repeal would survive a veto. So we ignored their attempts at obstruction, and the ACA quietly saved lives.

Now Republicans have a trifecta, giving them the ultimate of legislative power. So they’re at it again, going after the ACA with a vengeance.

Question is, Why don’t they want Americans to get healthcare? Don’t they care if lives are saved? What could possibly be more important, really, than saving lives?

Perhaps this revelation from 2015 will shed some light:

“Already this year,” says the article, “Valeant has increased the price of 56 of the drugs in its portfolio an average of 66 percent, highlighted by their recent acquisition, Zegerid, which they promptly raised 550 percent. Not only does this have the unfortunate side effect of placing the price of life-saving drugs out of reach for even moderately-insured people, but it has now begun to call into question the sustainability of this rapidly-spreading business model.”

Oh, I see! Exorbitant profit is more important than saving lives! Of course!

Or not! It’s time We the People wake up to the fact that, for the corporate class, our lives don’t matter to them except as we can line their pockets with cash.

Face it, for the privatizers, healthcare isn’t about healing the sick, it’s only about profit. Education isn’t about teaching children, it’s about profit. Infrastructure isn’t about roads and bridges or getting around, it’s only about profit — their profit, not ours. That’s not shocking anymore, really. What’s shocking is that the CEO of Valeant actually admitted it, confirming our suspicion. And still we ignore this horrible truth about our culture.

And while we go to the voting booth and cast our ballots, the biggest truth we’ve been ignoring for decades now is that the purveyors of profit for the corporate sector is primarily U.S. and state lawmakers — mostly Republicans. It’s time we decide that healthcare, education and infrastructure are public commodities that should not be providing profit to profiteers, but service to the public. Give us the Public Option!

In the wee hours of January 12, 2017, Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, along with their Democratic colleagues, did Illinois proud by standing in solidarity with us, defying Senate protocol by stating why they were voting “NO” on the Republican budget resolution that will repeal the ACA.

We the People are determined to put a stop to Trump’s Republican privatization agenda. Through the Indivisible [] and other movements, we are organizing to let them know we’ve got our eyes on them, that we aim to prevent every one of Trump’s appointees, plus Republicans in Congress, from selling our rights down the river.

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