Your Horoscope: January 18-24, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This Week

The sun enters Aquarius January 19-February 18 invoking a thirst for knowledge, fresh perspectives and creative thinking at this time. As a result of it a lighter energy will be more visible during this lunar cycle. Venus and Mars are both in Pisces this week providing a tender-hearted approach to problem solving and romantic aspects. Nothing is cut and dried or black and white this week, just various shades of peaceful gray. Enjoy!


Don’t make any promises that you can’t keep at this time. It’s better to gather more information about an individual or situation before you jump in too deep. Contacting an individual from your past may be just what the doctor ordered. You’re able to help them just as much as they are able to help you. It’s a win-win situation. Progress with financial debt slowly but surely evolves now. Think about your long-term goals, Aries.


As the week starts out, you’ll find the focus is on family matters. The health or emotional welfare of another could be weighing heavily on your mind. Try not to immerse yourself in this too deeply, a solution to a long-standing problem will arrive shortly. Self-employed or self-contracted work opportunities are on the forefront at this time, so keep an open mind. A loved one blinded by a manipulating individual will finally see the light, Taurus.


Unexpected developments with family have a surprise twist this week for the better. Someone provides you with an answer to a prayer during this lunar cycle, while another is able to help you sort out a dilemma from in the recent past. From there you will move forward with clarity and confidence. Work aspects are favorable by week’s end, Gemini.


This week promises to provide you with plenty of opportunities to expand your income. A self-employed or self-contracted side job can lead to a long-term commitment. You may have to choose between two offers in the weeks to come. Options are always better than stagnation. Family needs your undivided attention by week’s end, Cancer.


An opportunity to rekindle a romantic connection could be on the horizon if you play your cards right. Try not give give in too quickly, but in the same token make room for a shift. If family members or friends are trying to lead you away from your long-term goals, take a little time out from them. Everyone needs to focus their own priorities, Leo.


Information you receive now needs to be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Avoiding this or going into denial about it will only compound the problem. Providing emotional support to a loved one is crucial during this lunar cycle. Validating their feelings will go a long way in any final decisions they may be considering. What comes to light needs to be taken seriously; listen carefully and read between the lines, Virgo.


The sale of a big ticket item appears to be in the works in the weeks to come. If you were considering getting rid of anything that no longer serves you, now would be a great time to make it visible to those who may be interested. A change within your relationship status with a friend or lover needs to be considered carefully before you proceed. Once a decision is made it can’t be changed, Libra.


Information you receive now needs to be taken to heart, even if it is not presented in the best possible light. Someone is concerned and they may be able to see something that you are currently not able to visualize. Try to listen to the facts and not allow the delivery of this to cloud your judgment. This information will be valuable in the months to come, Scorpio.


You’re narrowing down your options to the best case scenario now. So many opportunities have been presented over the past few months; this may have made it difficult to decide which way to go. The signs are all pointing to one favorable aspect now, providing the clarity you need to make the choice. The weekend allows time to cozy up with a loved one and enjoy your home environment, Sag.


An opportunity to mix business with pleasure arrives during this lunar cycle. Romantic aspects are highlighted and you’re being divinely guided to take a few risks in order to get what you want. Many of you will experience a relocation in 2017. You may have mixed emotions about it. However, in the long run you find yourself most comfortable in your new surroundings once all is said and done, Capricorn.


New business, new friends, and new social activities will begin to emerge during this lunar cycle. Take advantage of these powerful, positive influences and say yes to invitations to impromptu gatherings now. A change in your appearance is evident as well. You radiate health and sensuality. Your efforts personally and professionally are beginning to pay off, Aquarius.


An offer of work or additional business will be available at this time. Check it out, this may be just the advantage you need to make your long-term goals a reality. There has been an element of stagnation anyway and this will provide a breath of fresh air into your daily routine. It appears like you may need to hash out some emotional aspect with a female at this time. Go for it, and choose your words carefully, Pisces.

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