Your Horoscope: January 25-31, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The new moon arrives Thursday, January 26 in Aquarius. Many times the new moon brings in a sense of uncertainty or uneasiness that we just can’t put our finger on. The new moon in Aquarius will allow us the opportunity to go within and reflect on our long-term goals. The new moon could give us a glimpse of how to proceed if we quiet ourselves long enough to embrace the message. This is a great week to quietly observe our surroundings as well as center yourself with peace and unconditional love. Enjoy!


Changes with work or your financial picture are a focus during this lunar cycle. Clear away any old karmic debt and watch how the universe will bless you at this time. This is an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle. Focus on the positive and avoid thoughts of those from your past. It just gets in your way, Aries.


An opportunity for self-employed or self-contracted work will arrive at this time. Be open and receptive to this situation in the near future; even if this is already in the works you may find an additional outlet in the coming year. Your romantic opportunities are endless this next year, pick and choose carefully, Taurus.


Your ability to see the other side of the story is more evident now than ever. Intuition is key, pay close attention to your dreams at this time. You’re receiving some valuable information now. Use this to your best ability and to benefit others as well. Money may appear to be trickling in, try not to let this worry you too much.You’re getting a break to rest at this time to process your emotions, take advantage of it, Gemini.


It may be time to set the record straight. Misdirected anger is causing you or another a tremendous amount of problems at this time. These aspects could continue well into the spring if you don’t correct them now. Lay the law down with a pushy sibling or relative and set some boundaries. It’s time make a wrong right, Cancer.


You have found yourself the center of attention all of the sudden and don’t know quite what to do with it. The past year has definitely tested your patience and left you wondering “what’s in it for me?” Expect some unexpected pleasures to roll in around this time. Home and property are a focus this week. In the spring you find the right fit, Leo.


If you have closed yourself off to the rest of the world it may be time to break free of all of those behavior patterns. Now you can see just how ridiculous this situation is and how it will never be enough. This year provides you with all of your career aspects in order. A female is instrumental with positive changes. You can call your own shots at this time, Virgo.


Now that you have your eyes wide open you can proceed with caution in the near future. You will not be a slave to those who have no regard for your physical or emotional well being. Count to ten, and then clarify what’s going on with you and others. You’re making a major shift and this could be quite a nail biter. Remember your opinion is valued by others, Libra.


Last year there was a tremendous focus on money. This has been a test to check how materialistic you could become or have become. Many of life’s simple pleasures do not revolve around cash flow. If you were able to get through this without putting a dollar sign on everything you will have an extremely prosperous 2017. Pay close attention to your thought process at this time, Scorpio.


Oh it may feel like you’re kicking everyone to the curb, but you’re really just clearing away all kinds of unwanted shallow chatter now. The loved ones that matter the most will see this and make things right for you. The ones that don’t just make room for more positive individuals around you. Money is an important factor this year, you have learned to respect it and it will definitely respect you in the coming months, Sag.


Romantic aspects appear to be arriving that are the perfect fit during this lunar cycle. Finances may feel tight for many of you through early spring, but that will be subject to change shortly as financial windfalls align in your favor. Negotiating a housing issue can be a sore spot especially if there is an annoying family member involved. Remember, in the long run you do have the upper hand, Capricorn.


New plans and new ideas that have been swimming around in your head will take shape and form in early spring. It is worth it to take a leap of faith and allow things to unfold as they should at this time. February is a “record month” and it appears that you’re starting the new year out right. This is a time frame where you are making the right connections, Aquarius.


You will find that this is a time to clear the air with old emotional ties now. Try to do this in the most diplomatic way possible. You have had your fair share of losses in the recent past and others may be trying to keep you in an old time zone. Break free with diplomacy and grace. Finances will be a highlight for 2017; you finally have some solid ground under you, Pisces.

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