Your Horoscope: February 8-14, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon eclipse in Leo on February 10 can be a rocky one if you choose to immerse yourself in family squabbles or political rhetoric. For the rest of you out there that are actually trying to evolve, you have the planetary support you need to take raw content and turn it into a product of substance. Embrace your time frame and use it wisely. Great things emerge from astrological climates such as these. Enjoy!


Someone you care for may be stumbling around in the throws of addiction during this lunar cycle. However, it would be much more effective to quietly observe as opposed to confronting this situation head on. At the end of the day, it’s their battle to either slay or decay. Meanwhile, you have your own agenda to contend with and it’s going to be a busy week. Balancing your career and personal life has been quite a challenge. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Aries.


The focus is on your home and property this week, and it appears you have your hands full. There is no reason to take this all on by yourself. Delegate out some of these annoying tasks to those who handle them professionally, don’t overdo it. You may be second guessing a legal document you’ve found yourself involved in recently. For every action, there is a reaction, Taurus.


Good news arrives regarding children or pets during this lunar cycle. You may be considering extending your existing family or hearing news of a loved one embracing this aspect now. Either way, your enthusiasm is contagious and it creates a rippling effect into all the other areas of your life. Travel is highlighted at this time and you find yourself able to mix business with pleasure, Gemini.


This is an extremely favorable climate for your career to expand and develop throughout the summer months. You’re able to envision options that you once thought were unobtainable. You’re in a position to learn a new skill or further develop your craft. This will put you in a highly charged emotional state. As a result you feel more like yourself again, Cancer.


Salary negotiations and contracts begin to align at this time. The full moon eclipse in your sign will work favorably for you if you go the extra mile. This may be a good time to spice up your wardrobe or head to the hair salon for a change in your appearance. Romance begins to accelerate at a comfortable pace. All eyes are on you now, Leo.


The full moon on February 10 could contribute to your emotions, especially if you are grieving a loss. Trust that this aspect will support your relief and provide you the inner strength you desperately desire. Surround yourself with those who understand the depth of your loss and support you. Look around, they are out there, Virgo.


You may need to go above and beyond the call of duty this week with family or friends. There has been loss or heartache and you’re put in the position of trying to fix it all. Do the best you can do but don’t overextend yourself now. Your physical body may become worn down as a result of it. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well as others. Good news arrives with the career this week, Libra.


Obstacles are lifted with contracts and legal documents during this lunar cycle. You find that there is a solution regarding a family matter or a housing conflict in the weeks to come that puts your mind at ease. An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius female has some valuable information to share that confirms this shortly. Keep in touch with those who are reaching out, Scorpio.


Be cautious of cult-like groups or religious fanatics at this time. Someone may be trying to influence you or a family member towards their own unhealthy mindset. This could even invoke some fear in those around you or yourself. Stay true to your beliefs and all will stay on point now. Pay close attention to detail with legal documents or paperwork. You may find some hidden money in the process, Sag.


Finances break serious ground for you this week and you’re able to look at your long-term goals within a positive light. You are proud of your accomplishments and your loved ones now more than ever. Even though you needed to move away from the darker energies of last week with some resistance, now is the time to start fresh with your long-term goals, dreams and ambitions, Capricorn.


You’re still a bit confused as to recent communication with another and not quite sure how to navigate around it. Perhaps the very same thing is happening to them as well. Try not to make too much out of it, instead allow this to unfold within its own time frame. Things look better than you realize. Like a fine bottle of wine, let it breathe at bit before consuming, Aquarius.


Romance may have you feeling extremely compulsive this week. Try to keep yourself collected as you move through old elements or past love connections. Questioning your current relationship status would not be the best idea. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this time of your life. A healing process will be moving through your system through the month of February. When all is said and done, your love life will improve for the better, Pisces.

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