Your Horoscope: March 1-7, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, remains in Aries through April 2 promoting the thrill of the chase as opposed to the capture. However, that doesn’t mean that a romantic opportunity won’t manifest into a solid foundation. Proceed with caution, and keep yourself focused on your own goals as you integrate romance into your lifestyle. Then you’re a force to be reckoned with. Is it the pursuit of happiness, or the happiness of the pursuit? Only you can tell the difference when you remain balanced. Enjoy!


Avoid pounding a round peg into a square hole this week. When an issue is pushed it will not come to fruition in the time frame it is suppose to. Other key elements need to align before this is meant to be, allow everything to fall into place. The health and welfare of a female may be on your mind at this time. Send some positive energy in that direction this week, Aries.


An old friend will try to fix a mistake that had hurt you in the past few years. Your concern is that if you immerse yourself in this energy, history will repeat itself. You have more knowledge now regarding this matter, and you can use the validation to your emotional advantage. This aspect heals on many different levels. This is a week of wisdom, Taurus.


Pick up the phone and invite a friend out to dinner. You’ve been stuck in your daily routine and it’s time to break up the monotony. You know exactly who to call for comic relief and now is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest scoop. You can reorganize your closet for the fifth time later on, Gemini.


Someone may try to convince you to be the go-between in a squabble between two friends or loved ones. Avoid this, you have a good thing going now. Your energy should be utilized to improve the quality of your life, not roll in the dirt with others. Avoid emotional vampires like the plague now, Cancer.


Romantic opportunities arrive during this lunar cycle, so put your best foot forward in the weeks to come. Those of you who are already in a committed relationship will find the common ground that may have been lacking in the recent past. You’re building a solid foundation in your career sector during the spring and summer months, so you might as well focus on your personal life now. The stars are aligning in your favor, Leo.


There may have been a bit of the silent treatment coming from a friend or loved one this past month. Don’t take this personal, this has nothing to do with you. Once they get to the bottom of their dilemma you’ll be the first to know and life goes on from there. Romance picks up the pace towards the end of the week. You will have more time and energy to do this up with style, Virgo.


Others will make it possible for you to get some rest and relaxation this week. You have been over the top with responsibilities, and it’s starting to wear on your last nerve. Once you’re able to catch up on your rest you can tackle some annoying projects that have been weighing heavy in the back of your mind. Romance is taking a turn for the better, Libra.


A romantic interest will make themselves known to you at this time. Even if you are currently involved you will find this fabulous case of flattery puts a spring in your step. Your self esteem has been a little on the down side and this should do the trick for you emotionally. As a result of this newfound energy, you begin to look at options with home and career. Make good use of this aspect while it lasts, Scorpio.


You have some backup from a friend or family member this week that arrives unexpectedly. This will allow you some time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Old friends may arrive back into your scene with some new ideas and inspiration. You’re healing many wounds from your past now, pay close attention to your dreams. Intuitive messages arrive during the midnight hours, Sag.


A productive schedule benefits you financially as well as emotionally during this lunar cycle. You’re paying very close attention to who you have become involved with over the last few years and how they conduct themselves. Be cautious not to allow a negative individual to influence your hopes, dreams and ambitions. If this becomes the case, kick ’em to the curb, Capricorn.


Positive information that has arrived from an outside source will give you the courage you need to make some significant changes in the near future. While it seems that everyone else in your life has been putting themselves first, now is the time to consider your needs. Leave the guilt trip behind for someone else to deal with. You’ve felt guilty long enough, Aquarius.


It will feel like old home week with all of the past connections you’re coming into contact with now. This is a wonderful time to reconnect and catch up with friends and loved ones. You will also receive information that will solve a long-standing mystery. This allows you to stop beating yourself up about what you may have done wrong in the past. This pushes you forward into a more positive time frame in life. With the old situations resolved you can move on to a new one, Pisces.

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