Your Horoscope: March 15-21, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The recent full moon in Virgo left half of you in tears and the other half of you cleaning out closets for the entire weekend. Let the dust settle, Mercury moves into Aries on March 13 and remains there until the March 31. This promotes quick thinking and fluent communication. Creative endeavors thrive with this planetary climate. Mars moved into Taurus March 9 and will remain there until April 21. This can activate stubborn roots and determined action. Keep the peace, Mars in Taurus initiates a patient and consistent flow of chi. This energy supports long-term projects requiring a slow and steady hand. Enjoy!


There is no such thing as coincidence, this is a time frame where you are running into everyone you know. These chance meetings hold the key to future success. You will be expanding your career sector in ways you never thought you could imagine. By summer all of your hard work and efforts will come to fruition. The past holds the key to your future, Aries.


An opportunity to align with those of like mind will arrive shortly as well as the ability to mend an old confusing wound in the process. You will learn that your interpretation of what happened in the past was just that, your interpretation. Once you hear both sides of the story this seems to put your heart and mind at ease. Inner peace is key, Taurus.


Your intuition is working overtime, so be still and listen to your gut. Your dream state will guide you through your waking hours with pertinent information. Your love life is accentuated now. When the month of April arrives, it arrives with a bang. All of your hopes, dreams and ambitions begin to fall into place, Gemini.


You may feel as though you are grieving the loss of someone near and dear to you at this time. You may be struggling with keeping your emotions in check. It’s okay to feel something this deep. You will have the resolution you need by week’s end as well as a sense of peace. Legal documents align in your favor, Cancer.


You may feel like a nervous wreck this week. Calm down, everything is perfectly fine and this scattered energy will not last long. By week’s end you will begin to feel like yourself again. Try not to worry about the health or welfare of a female friend, the outcome is much better than it initially appears, Leo.


You will be placed in a position of authority at this time. Don’t worry, you will handle this with grace and ease. Someone needs you to step up to the plate and protect them; you have the emotional tools to do just that. Choose your words carefully, count to 10 before you speak. The weekend provides you with some quality rest and relaxation, Virgo.


Someone you left standing in a lurch may be untrustworthy of any interactions with you in the future. It may be time to retrace your steps and heal a wound you have inadvertently created. By week’s end all of the unforeseen events are out in the open. You have the tools to battle these difficulties one by one. Before week’s end a heart-to-heart talk clears the air and sets your mind at ease, Libra.


Make time for yourself during this demanding emotional time frame. Family, legal documents and wellness aspects all seem to be boiling over and you feel as though you’re putting fires out in every direction. Take a deep breath and begin to untangle them one by one. By week’s end you will have made great strides in the direction of your intentions, Scorpio.


You’re in the limelight during this time frame and you may not feel comfortable being there. You’re still trying to stabilize yourself from a previous over demanding schedule. Single Sags have love options arriving from all directions; while attached Sags experience a second honeymoon stage with the object of their affection. Legal matters and financial aspects are highly charged in your favor at this time; utilize this energy to your advantage, Sag.


Romantic options are readily available for those of you looking for love. You may feel a bit wobbly at first, yet you find your balance quickly. For those of you in a committed relationship, a breath of fresh air arrives in your fifth house of romance at this time. Enjoy, Capricorn.


Watch that you do not get into a tangle with a loved one or friend this week. Pressures are mounting and you may not have the tools to deal with these emotions properly. Surround yourself with tried and true individuals that have your back at all costs. Next week you will see the money pouring in from all directions, Aquarius.


A pending fear of loss could bring out the worst in your significant other or a family member at this time. Keep the peace; you are clever enough to heed the warning signs and steer someone off into a new direction. Once this sets into motion there is no going back. Do not allow another to fuel the fire, Pisces.

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