Your Horoscope: April 5-11, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon on April 11 arrives in Libra which is also known as the pink moon. This is a reference created by the Native Americans that signifies the new life that spring time provides. It’s not an actual pink colored moon. Libra softens the energy that a full moon can create allowing this to be an extremely productive time frame. Mercury retrograde will arrive April 9 and will remain in that condition through May 3. Many times we will feel the pre-retrograde shadow to be a bit rough until Mercury settles within this planetary climate. Be cautious with travel, communication documents and contracts. Expect the unexpected, this time frame can also provide some pleasant surprises. Enjoy!


During the month of April your finances will finally begin to align. Up until recently you may have felt as though you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. Take this time to investigate your long-term goals. It’s never too late to develop a plan for the future. With that said, trust that all of your dreams, hopes and ambitions will manifest, Aries.


An opportunity arrives to sell or purchase a big-ticket item that will stabilize your financial picture. This will ease the recent stress you’ve endured and provide you with some breathing room. Travel or a relocation may be on your mind as well during this lunar cycle. Slow down, you have plenty of time to weigh out all the options, Taurus.


The opportunity to expand your current financial sector will be prominent during this lunar cycle. Set some money aside for a rainy day and concentrate on your long-term goals. A healing energy surrounds your home and family at this time, Gemini. Take advantage of this aspect.


An answer to a prayer arrives with career shortly. Upgrades with financial gain allow you to feel relieved and refreshed. You’re coming into an extremely busy time now. Make sure you’re taking time out to rest and recuperate. An unexpected loss may leave a friend or loved one spinning. Offer your love and support, Cancer.


What exactly are your fears with romantic connections? Why would you punish yourself and close yourself off when those around you want to see you happy? With love comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. However, the pay off is gold, Leo.


You may be experiencing some regret regarding a recent decision. However, you need to get your feet wet first with this opportunity before you run in the other direction. Doors will open that you once considered closed. Romance becomes a focus this week as well; passion begins to kick up a notch or two, Virgo.


Romance is not necessarily a substitute for all of the concerns you’ve had on your plate recently. However, it is a start anyway. If you can allow someone else to help you feel good and respect you then it becomes easier to respect yourself. There is no more room for self punishment in your life, delete it, Libra.


Spring is in the air and business begins to flourish at this time. You have the eye for the perfect fit in your work environment and others are recognizing your gifts. Unexpected public acclaim or recognition arrives at this time. Put your best foot forward and dress for success; all eyes are on you this week, Scorpio.


You’re tying up loose ends and you’re able to enjoy some free time shortly. Take some time away to regroup and heal your overworked mind and body. You don’t have to completely alienate yourself in order to stay in alignment. You can balance your time and energy with ease now, Sag.


A romantic opportunity becomes more prominent during this lunar cycle. Be cautious not to let a past romantic influence throw you off your game. This is a fabulous time to launch a creative project that’s been sitting on the back burner for way too long. There are many ways to creatively expand your finances, take some risks and accept the payoffs, Capricorn.


If you feel a bit isolated you may need to put yourself out there a little more. Certain individuals around you may be shutting down a bit to regroup. Try not to take any of this behavior too personal, it has nothing to do with you. Utilize this time frame to explore new relationships and activities. Your personal life is getting ready to expand, keep an open mind and an open heart, Aquarius.


Your romantic sector is on fire during this lunar cycle. All you have to do is keep your emotions open and honest. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, you may be surprised that another finds you equally attractive and valuable. Expansion with career is evident at this time. Take advantage of these options, Pisces.

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