State Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford, co-sponsored the casino measure.

Syverson has been a vocal supporter of a Rockford casino – and equally vocal about several downtown projects, saying aldermen would have better off waiting on the Amerock hotel deal until the gaming bill moved.

“A 60-day pause allows time to see if Springfield passes the Grand Bargain Budget,” Syverson said via Facebook before the Rockford City Council voted 7-6 April 10 to approve the latest downtown hotel deal with Gorman & Compnay.

“Included in that budget is the gaming bill for Rockford, which most likely the casino will build convention space at their cost, not taxpayers.”

Such a pause for Springfield to put a budget together, something the state has been without since 2015, would’ve seen key development funds for the Amerock hotel project lapse. The convention center is being paid for out of the city’s redevelopment fund, a 1-percent tax adopted in 1978 on hotel, restaurant, and liquor sales.

“The proposed budget also includes a property tax freeze making budgets even tighter for cities so taking on new financial risk would be a concern. I, like many, believe Rockford needs a hotel downtown but not one that costs taxpayers 10’s of millions of dollars. A time out with a new fresh set of eyes looking at the concept makes sense.”