Your Horoscope: April 19-25, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun moves from a restless impatient Aries into methodical Taurus April 19-20. When the sun is in Taurus our determination to succeed is supported, as well as our sensuality awakened. This planetary climate provides a perfect template for any endeavor you may attempt to launch. Capture the drive and determination Taurus supports without adopting the overbearing, bullheaded and possessive influences it can lend instead. Enjoy!


Your intuition is running strong this week so throw out the book and go with your gut at this time. Not everything goes as expected and you need to be in a place where you can improvise quickly. Your sharp wit can get you through some frustrating obstacles. You have the ability to help another see things clearly, provided that you are listening instead of drawing conclusions without all of the facts, Aries.


A health issue regarding yourself or a loved one may be a top priority this week. Solutions are well on their way, but it takes time and patience to move through this properly. There is love and support from various expected and unexpected sources arriving at the 11th hour. Meanwhile, you will need to be conscious of how you will position yourself when the all clear signal arrives. Changes with physical and emotional elements align now. Expect the best outcome, Taurus, and you will receive it.


A romantic encounter could leave you a bit confused early on this week. Consider the signals you’re sending as well before you draw any final conclusions. Fatigue or emotional turmoil could be contributing to the outward appearance of the entire scenario. Home and property becomes a priority during this lunar cycle. Changes are in the air, Gemini.


You’re appalled at the behavior of another early on this week and have some concerns that drugs or alcohol abuse might be at the bottom of it. The less you say the more you will learn, but keep your eyes and ears open to those factors as the week wears on. Someone will inadvertently tip their hand and you will have the facts you need to face this complication clearly. The safety of children and pets come first with situations like these. Quietly document your findings, Cancer.


Business can be a bit demanding early on this week, yet there are significant improvements that arrive as a result of it. An impromptu gathering will provide you with new connections for love as well as business. Make sure you are stepping out there and accepting invitations to socialize this week. Be cautious of the hip and knee during this time. You cannot afford to be laid up with this hectic schedule arriving at this time, Leo.


A call from a prospective employer arrives during this lunar cycle putting you in a perfect position to improve the quality of your life. A long-standing friend or romantic partner can offer some wise advice regarding your personal connections at this time. Be open and allow those around you to provide you with insight. If you can take a time out to digest all of the information, a solution to a long-standing problem will arrive shortly, Virgo.


A hidden influence revolving around a financial element comes to light in your favor now. With that said, powerful aspects regarding home and property are obtainable now. You are able to get those nagging projects out of the way and expand upon your current element. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You will find the bargain of a lifetime or sell something that you no longer have any use for. Save some money for a rainy day, Libra.


Be cautious of emails and messages early on this week; make sure they are not falling into the wrong hands. A friend from your past will resurface at this time. This should be a positive influence in the long run. Changes within your current home environment will create some unexpected shifts within your personal life. The stagnation that you have felt recently will break loose at this time. All eyes are on you, Scorpio.


Some fantastic breakthroughs arrive within your financial sector that will put you way ahead of the game in the summer months to come. Mixed signals regarding romantic options may be confusing for you at this time. Remember Mercury retrograde can influence the art of communication, which isn’t always received in the best possible light. Once Mercury goes direct on May 3 all will be in alignment, Sag.


Finances begin to pick up as the week starts out putting you in a much better frame of mind. Keep your finger on the pulse of your community during this lunar cycle. Opportunities for growth will support your long-term goals and any plans you may have for future developments. Romantic opportunities seem to be aligning in the right direction, keep the line of communication open, Capricorn.


Home and property are looking up with fabulous opportunities in store for you. If you have not made a shift with your work environment expect opportunities to arrive throughout the next three months. The stagnation with career you have been experiencing will break loose shortly. The powers that be will lead you in the right direction and will be able to value your gifts. Follow your dreams, hopes and ambitions this summer. The universe will not steer you wrong, Aquarius.


An unexpected treasure arrives from an unusual source this week. Go for it, this may have some long-term benefits as well as sentimental value for you or for someone close to you. You are full of surprises this week and everyone is elated with your energy levels now. Take extra precautions while traveling this month. With all of this additional activity arriving you do not have time for a transportation setback. Be cautious with children and pets, Pisces.

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