Your Horoscope: April 26-May 2, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The new moon arrives in Taurus on April 26 providing mixed feelings throughout the day. One minute you may feel happy and productive, the next minute lethargic and melancholy. With that in mind choose your words carefully. We don’t want to create conflict with anyone that holds a special place in our hearts during this sensitive planetary climate. Mercury remains in retrograde until May 3. Be cautious and plan ahead for delays and distractions. Enjoy!


You have the gift of telling it like it is, and now is your time to shine. There is no question about your integrity and you may have to call someone on the carpet regarding their disruptive behavior. Once you make a stand others will applaud your delivery. You’re a strong presence in the hearts and minds of those that love and respect you, Aries.


Romantic aspects take a turn for the better at this time. However, it could be in a way that you least expect. An unconventional individual arrives on the scene to help you see things without the rose-colored glasses you have been wearing lately. You will thank him/her by week’s end, Taurus.


The opportunity to travel will be on the forefront during this lunar cycle. Mixing business with pleasure guarantees you exceptional results. Memories from the past come rushing forward at this time, some of them better than others. Stay true to your course now. Blessings will be arriving shortly, Gemini.


Don’t involve a child or pet in the mix of an emotional situation. Protect them from this off-course vibration to the best of your ability. Do not underestimate the behavior of another now. Things are not what they seem. Short fuses and irrational actions may escalate into a physical altercation. Keep your cool and avoid aggressive aspects this week, Cancer.


Opportunities arrive from some far out sources this week. The past is affecting the present in a positive way. Look into expanding your personal achievements. Those around you are willing to help you obtain your goals. Your able to take your finances to the next level now.  Another is willing to help you look at your long term investments Leo.


Once again you are allowing an outside influence to affect your happy home. This is not a good habit to “get into” and it has never worked for you in the past. Put those within your four walls first and foremost on your priority list of kindness and comfort. If not you may find yourself on the outside looking in Virgo.


The past is definitely getting on your last nerve this week. All of the information you are receiving now is beneficial even though it may feel like a setback. In order for you to heal those old deep seated wounds you must look at this in its proper perspective. This will move on, stand your ground and set some boundaries. Everyone can benefit from this situation Libra.


Another is willing and able to step up to the plate now physically as well as  emotionally. You will not have to look for signals to dissect thoughts and actions. Everything is perfectly clear. Your about to receive positive news with a work aspect as well. All in all this is a monumental week, Scorpio.


Connections your making now will end up benefiting you in the months to come. Synchronicity is working in perfect order for you. Pay close attention to those your drawing  into your inner circle. These are positive individuals with the ability to help you grow. Changes in your physical appearance put a spring in your step, Sag.


A love from your past maybe sensing your moving in a new direction. This could invoke some strange behavior out of them in the weeks to come.  Remember, those Individuals are in the past for a reason. Make room for new adventures and opportunities arriving in the near future. You won’t be disappointed, Capricorn.


You have opportunities arriving left and right for upgrades within your personal life as well as your professional circle. This could leave your head spinning a bit. Try to remember options are a good thing and you don’t have to make any decisions today.   Try not to let your insecurities get in the way of your success, you have a tremendous amount to offer, Aquarius.


Time to push forward and defend your position now. This can be done in a simple sweeping blow. You’re getting too caught up in the actions of another, it’s time to take care of yourself. A weekend away “alone” maybe just the trick to create a fresh perspective on your lifestyle. Finances are definitely on the upswing, Pisces.

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