Your Horoscope: May 3-9, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Mercury goes direct May 3 so be cautious as this mischief making planetary climate settles into a peaceful state. As the week goes on we will notice communication and travel begin to stabilize – whew! Venus remains in Aries until June 6 which can be a highly charged passionate time frame especially in the arena of love. Remind yourself to slow down and breathe a bit here. Aries can have this spontaneous, impatient, direct effect on how we exchange our ideas of romantic bliss. Embrace this enthusiastic energy, and utilize it in the best possible light. Although it can appear to be flighty, solid foundations can be built during these astrological influences. Enjoy!


You may be pushing yourself through an overwhelming burden. Scheduling conflicts or pure exhaustion may have you on your last nerve. Take a big step back and breathe for a moment. When all is said and done you have made the right choice to re-evaluate your decisions. Vehicles may be adding additional conflicts early on this week. By week’s end you find that a mountain was made out of a mole hill, Aries.


This is a really good time to focus on the serious matters at hand as opposed to the supposed outside influences that appear to be controlling your life. If you are getting sucked into brush fires others are setting you won’t be able to see the truth behind all of the drama. You have other fabulous influences that will enhance the quality of your life arriving during this time. Take that to heart, Taurus.


You may need to make a quick decision about a legal matter or help another with a similar situation shortly. Use your trump cards with connections that you have made in the past to solidify this deal. When all is said and done everything will work out for the greater good. By week’s end you have a plan to incorporate the weak and the strong. All is well that ends well, Gemini.


You are beginning to see a long-term goal manifest right before your eyes. Now, don’t start the self-sabotaging element that you are used to out of fear. Allow this to unfold and step up to accept what is rightfully yours. You have worked long and hard to obtain this gift from the universe. Do you deserve it? Absolutely, Cancer.


Finally you are receiving the recognition that you have busted your butt to acquire. Try not to read too much into the delays of the matter at hand. Instead, understand that everything worked out in perfect timing as it should. There are no more mysteries left to reveal – at least for this week. Why don’t you take a day off and try to relax a bit. You will be back to the grindstone soon enough, Leo.


You may need to protect an individual from bad behavior or slander this week. Be cautious not to overplay your cards by leaning in a totally different direction. You may be misrepresented by a nosy individual that could be willing to put words in your mouth. Go behind the scenes and make sure your loved ones are properly watched over. By next week this will all blow over, Virgo.


Stop stressing out and take the solid route for now. In the meantime build your private goals and ambitions to the magnitude that the universe is providing at this time. You will feel more secure if you have something to rely on. By week’s end money sticks to the bottom of your shoe, Libra.


With your quick action and timing you are able to fix a potential hazard in your work environment midweek. Try to use a little diplomacy as you cover the tracks of others. They mean well and it appears that no one really gave them a map to navigate in the area to begin with. Let it go and try to use praise instead of reprimanding them now. In the end all will have learned from their mistakes; and with any luck you have learned a thing or two as well, Scorpio.


You have the uncanny ability to turn lemons into lemonade during this lunar cycle. You can’t jump the gun and assume that all will fail if everything isn’t perfect. Sometimes the greatest lessons arrive with some of life’s biggest challenges. By week’s end you will know exactly who your allies are. Make sure that you acknowledge their presence, Sag.


Regardless of the outcome, you’re opening yourself up for some excellent opportunities in business as well as your personal life in the months to come. Try not to overthink everything and stay in the moment. When we rush into the future too quickly in our minds eye we miss the fabulous scenery along the way. Take it slow, Capricorn.


Be very conscious of not appearing to favor one individual over another now. This aspect may be arriving through family, friends or a work situation. Others may be frustrated with you as a result of this action and if you’re not aware of it, you won’t understand why. This week should be full of romantic energy. This is a great time to spend a quiet evening at home, Aquarius.


Finances are breaking loose for the better at this time. You are able to start putting away some money for a rainy day now instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul. As a result for this you may feel the urge to splurge a bit and treat yourself to an unexpected pleasure. Take your time and choose wisely. This is a long-term commitment, Pisces.

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