Your Horoscope: May 31-June 6, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Venus trines Saturn on Wednesday and Thursday, which will stabilize our ability to navigate relationships properly. This allows us to approach affairs of the heart in a much more realistic and mature fashion. A sense of stability, security and loyalty will be evident as a result of this planetary climate. On Friday and Saturday the Venus and Uranus conjunction provides a fresh start vibration that encourages us to move forward in a fearless and purposeful manner. Enjoy!


Romance arrives with clarity at this time, now all you have to do is keep your emotions open and honest. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, you may be surprised that another finds you equally attractive and valuable. Expansion with career is evident at this time. Take advantage of these options, Aries.


Promote peace as opposed to conflict during this lunar cycle, especially within your own four walls. Family matters are heating up and you may be encouraged to take a stand; however, your approach needs to be one of fairness for all sides, not just what works best for you or your loved ones. You’re the glue that can hold everything together if you choose to be, Taurus.


It appears that you will be in a great position to mix business with pleasure in the near future. Travel is indicated and the stars are aligning in your favor to make this a memorable event. Your fabulous reputation precedes you in the creative and artistic community during this lunar cycle. Take advantage of this alignment at this time, Gemini.


You may need to open the door a bit for a loved one or friend. Lately those around you could accuse you of acting like Cancer the crab; in other words you’ve been in your shell way too long. It’s safe to come out now, Cancer. On Friday all eyes are on you. A lucky break arrives within the workforce, Cancer.


Be conscious of a mischievous family member who may be influencing the peace and harmony of your humble abode and set some boundaries. Go within during this lunar cycle and figure out who you are and what you hope to accomplish regarding your long-term goals. Opportunities are arriving for future growth and development shortly. Be open and honest, Leo.


Opportunities arrive from some far out sources this week. The past is affecting the present in a positive way. Look into expanding your personal achievements, those around you are willing to help you obtain your goals. You’re able to take your finances to the next level now. Another is willing to help you look at your long-term investments, Virgo.


An answer to a prayer arrives with career shortly. Upgrades with financial gain allow you to feel relieved and refreshed. You’re coming into an extremely busy time now; make sure you’re taking time out to rest and regroup. An unexpected loss may leave a friend or loved one spinning. Offer your love and support, Libra.


Finances are looking great in the next few months so this will definitely put your mind at ease. However, romantically you may feel a bit challenged. Set some time aside to figure out what feeds your fears with romantic connections. Why would you punish yourself and close yourself off when those around you want to see you happy. With love comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. However, the pay off is gold, Scorpio.


The focus is on your financial status during this lunar cycle. There will be fresh opportunities arriving regarding your revenue that will influence you in the most positive light. This may be an excellent time to reconsider your long-term goals and where you would like to be in the future. A relocation may be evident in the near future, Sag.


You may be experiencing some regret regarding a recent decision you’ve made. However, you need to get your feet wet first with this before you run in the other direction. Once you see the doors are opening there is no reason not to walk right through them. Romance becomes a focus this week as well; passion begins to kick up a notch or two, Capricorn.


Romance is not necessarily a substitute for all of the responsibilities you’ve had on your plate recently. However, it is a start anyway. If you can allow someone else to let you feel good or respect you then it becomes easier to respect yourself. There is no more room for self punishment in your life; delete it, Aquarius.


Finances are improving during this lunar cycle, therefore you can sock some money away for a rainy day. You’re tying up loose ends and you’re able to enjoy some free time shortly. Take some time away to regroup and heal your overworked mind and body. You don’t have to alienate yourself in order to keep in check. You can balance your priorities, time and energy with ease now, Pisces.

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