Your Horoscope: June 7-13, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon on June 9 arrives in Sagittarius. This will be a frisky full moon with an abundance of powerful energy to spare. The ability to manifest your dreams, hopes and ambitions are evident with this astrological climate. Keep your eyes and mind wide open during this lunar cycle. Crazy conspiracy theories turn out to be not so crazy after all. Hold on to your hats people, this is going to be an interesting ride.


You’re just about done with a very long-drawn-out schedule and now it’s time to play. Connect with those that bring some humor into your life and positive activity. The love life dry spell you’ve been experiencing is about to come to an end. Single Aries have many options to choose from, while attached Aries make passionate connections with their significant others. Enjoy!


A person from your past may be reaching out to acknowledge your efforts at this time. Try not to complicate this matter by looking for the hidden motive, there may not be one involved in this situation at all. Take information you receive this week and set it aside for a later date; there will be more to the story by month’s end, Taurus.


Annoying distractions may cloud your judgment early on this week. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so set your priorities and stick to them. A letter or long-distance phone call brings unexpected news. There must be a silver lining attached to this somehow, it just may take a while to reveal the purpose of this situation. A long overdue payment will arrive at week’s end; don’t spend it all in one place, Gemini.


A burden that has been weighing heavily on your heart will lift this week. Solutions will arrive to clear the air. With this in motion try not to hang on to this old element. Let it go once and for all. This will only get in your way of future success. Midweek a secret admirer reveals themselves to you in an unexpected way. Investigate further options with this individual, Cancer.


News of a health matter regarding a family member or friend could be very disturbing. Offer emotional or financial support if at all possible. Travel plans are in the works at this time, do not allow a nosy female to interrupt your schedule. You don’t have time for all of the drama that they may want to bring into the mix. Try not to offer any more information than you need to at this time, Leo.


Usually what we bring voice to when we are assessing others ends up being true to form for ourselves. Go within and figure out why you need to project your misdirected thoughts and feelings towards another. The family dynamic needs strong intervention at this time. Boundaries need to be set with those that are attempting to restrict you from personal growth, but first you need to identify who that really is. Make sure you’re not fooling yourself in the process, Virgo.


You’re narrowing down your options for the best case scenario now. So many opportunities have been presented over the past few months. This may have made it difficult to decide which way to go. The signs are all pointing to one favorable aspect now, providing the clarity you need to make the choice. The weekend allows time to cozy up with a loved one and enjoy your home environment, Libra.


Try not to take the odd behavior of another personally at this time. This has nothing to do with you and if you make it about you it certainly will turn into an issue in real time. Midweek allows new business or career opportunities to come into view. Take advantage of these aspects and strike while the iron’s hot. You’re ahead of the game by week’s end, Scorpio.


Make room for those who are trying to find a place in your life. Although you may be apprehensive because of past situations with people, you may end up losing out on a rare opportunity in the months to come. Concerns about the health and welfare of an older female may be weighing on your mind this week. Take the time to pick up the phone and check in, Sag.


Your intuition is right on the money this week. Check in with those that are concerning you, and use your soothing healing approach to calm them down. Inspire those that may be feeling stuck in a lose-lose situation to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. This becomes a contagious element that spreads like wildfire. Your own words of wisdom put a fire under your own feet as well, Capricorn.


Pay close attention to how the influences of others may be affecting your health and welfare at this time. Your energy or personality may slowly but surely be affected by this emotional vampire. Midweek you need to set boundaries with another that does not have the respect for your space that you deserve. No need to go on a guilt trip over this, and do not allow another to bully you into complying to their needs. Your emotional state is just as valuable, Aquarius.


A chance meeting with a female opens doors for career and new social contacts this week. Follow up with invitations to connect with like minds and positive influences. A phone call from far away provides unexpected news; you may need to travel shortly as a result of this. Stay caught up with mundane tasks so that emotional pressure doesn’t get the best of you at this time, Pisces.

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