RRI talks with Terry Tyderek

By Todd Houston 

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] week, Rockford Rocked Interviews talks with Terry Tyderek. Terry spent a large portion of his youth studying and playing guitar in various bands throughout the area, earning quite a reputation for being sort of a hot shot on the fret board.  

RRI: Good morning, Terry. Give us a little background if you would.

TT: I started playing at seven years of age and took guitar lessons from Guzzardo’s and music instructor John Ross here in Rockford. My first band was just your typical neighborhood band. I rode my bike to practice with my amp and guitar. We didn’t have a singer but man it was fun. We were just kids that loved music, you know? I was obsessed with the guitar and played as much as I could.

RRI: You ended up joining a working rock band at a very young age. What was your parents’ reaction like? Did they approve?

TT: I joined a popular local band called Diamond Force at 16. The band played almost every weekend and even played gigs on weekdays. That meant I would play a club on a Thursday, get home at 2 a.m. and then have to wake up and go to school in the morning. My parents were less than thrilled, to say the least. (laughs) It was a great learning experience though that I wouldn’t change for the world.

RRI: In a previous conversation you told me that you worked giving guitar lessons and even dabbled in musical instrument sales. What advice did you give to the younger kids starting out?

TT: I would tell them to play music because you love it and concentrate on being yourself and writing your own music. Draw influences from everywhere but add your own personal stamp to it. Nobody plays a lick exactly the same way unless you’re a robot.

RRI: You also play drums? When did you have time to learn?!

TT: The reason I started playing drums is that I wanted to be able to play and record music at home and not have to rely on anyone else. I figured if I learned to play drums and bass then I could throw ideas on my four-track studio anytime I was inspired to. It can be tough sometimes getting four or five musicians in the same room to record a demo.

RRI: It seems that the days of actual recording studios have been replaced by PCs and Macs, meaning, it’s entirely possible to record an album in your living room. Thoughts?

TT: I think home recording is great on the fly, meaning that you can throw down ideas very quickly without having to book time in an actual studio. There are many great programs out there for your Mac and PC. The downside is that a lot of musicians that use this software don’t always take the time to properly mix, EQ and master their recording before uploading to iTunes or whatever. The result? A lot of crappy music floating around the internet! (laughs)

RRI: You’ve been to and lived in a lot of different locations throughout the years. How the music scene in, say, Los Angeles differs from the Midwest, if at all?

TT: I’ve found that the music scene here in the Midwest is more of a community. When I was out west playing in bands it didn’t have that family vibe. You could be in a band for two years with someone in L.A. and not even know their last name! (laughs)

RRI: Word on the street says you’re working on new material for possible release later this year.  What can us listeners expect to hear?

TT: Bluesy hard rock mixed with melodic rock. I have a lot of things that I am finishing up right now. Some of these musical ideas I’ve had for years and for whatever reason I haven’t been able to get them down on tape. After finishing up with this I would like to put together a band where I can collaborate with another songwriter. Sort of a Jimmy Page/Robert Plant team.

RRI: I’m going to say a word or phrase and you answer with whatever pops into your head. Ready? The Rockford Metro Center.

TT: Seeing the band Triumph in 1984 .

RRI: The Beatles.

TT: Paul McCartney.

RRI: Columbia College Chicago.

TT: Where I Interned for Relativity Records.

RRI: John Belushi.

TT: Animal House. My all time favorite.

RRI: Favorite place in Rockford to relax and maybe grab a beer and a burger.

TT: R.B.I.’s on Perryville. The best burgers ever. R.

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