Your Horoscope: June 21-27, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on June 21. We will all notice a shift in our responsibilities and a focus on home and family now. The new moon arrives in Cancer on Friday. This planetary climate provides us with plenty of time to reflect on our growth and development as well as how to proceed in the future towards success. Contacts are made during this lunar cycle that provides a solid foundation for months to come. Enjoy!


A secret admirer will be revealed during this lunar cycle; it appears you’re pleasantly surprised by the outcome in the end. An individual from your past may be reaching out to acknowledge your efforts at this time. Accept this graciously and try not to look for a hidden motive underneath it all. I promise there isn’t one, Aries.


Annoying distractions may cloud your judgment early this week. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so set your priorities and stick to them. A letter or long-distance phone call brings unexpected news. There must be a silver lining attached to this somehow, it just may take a while to reveal the purpose of this situation. A long-overdue payment will arrive at week’s end; don’t spend it all in one place, Taurus.


Your romantic sector is finally beginning to align after a long-drawn-out healing process. Travel is indicated and amazing connections evolve from this endeavor. You will be mixing business with pleasure in the months to come. Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities that will arrive, Gemini.


A burden that has been weighing heavily on your heart will lift this week. Solutions will arrive to clear the air. With this in motion try not to cling to this old element, let it go once and for all. This will only get in your way of future success. Midweek a secret admirer reveals themselves to you in an unexpected way. Investigate further options with this individual, Cancer.


News of a health matter regarding a family member could be a bit disturbing. You can offer up emotional support, but do not offer financial support with this situation. Travel plans are in the works at this time, do not allow a nosy female to interrupt your schedule. You don’t have time for all of the calamities that they may want to bring into the mix. Try not to offer any more information than you need to at this time, Leo.


You’re narrowing down your options to the best-case scenario now. So many opportunities have been presented over the past few months. This may have made it difficult to decide which way to go. The signs are all pointing to one favorable aspect now, providing the clarity you need to make the choice. The weekend allows time to cozy up with a loved one and enjoy your home environment, Virgo.


You may feel as though you’re in a hamster cage running on the wheel this week. If things appear to be boring or monotonous, understand that you are right where you need to be at this time. As you process old worn-out emotions and ideas, the universe is providing you with less challenging projects to contend with. Although you would prefer to bury these emotions with a full schedule, that would only stand in the way of your healing process. It will all make sense in the weeks to come, Libra.


Try not to take the odd behavior of another personally at this time. This has nothing to do with you and, if you make it about you, it certainly will turn into an issue in real time. Midweek allows new business or career opportunities to come into view. Take advantage of these aspects and strike while the iron is hot. You’re ahead of the game by week’s end, Scorpio.


Try not to let the new moon influence your mindset with heavy thoughts. Take this time to reflect on the past, present and future. Family gatherings can be very heartfelt and extremely insightful during this lunar cycle. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn about yourself as well as others at this time. Romance begins to take a turn for the better, Sag.


Try not to hash and rehash a decision you’ve made regarding a romantic encounter. Move forward and don’t look back. There are other opportunities awaiting you if you just allow yourself to breathe for a moment. A business venture looks extremely positive in September; make plans to close the deal now, Capricorn.


The focus may be on a change within your career or residence at this time. Little hints have been arriving and acknowledgments for a job well done continue to flow in. Romance for many of you has been a bit rough. When fall arrives opportunities for the right fit will arrive as well. A past love or past love interest will have an opportunity to rekindle itself. Go for it, Aquarius.


A weekend away is just the ticket for a clear head, heart and mind. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. You may find yourself a bit accident prone if you are not using common sense now. A friend from your past may arrive with unexpected news. Allow yourself plenty of time to process your emotions midweek. You won’t regret it, Pisces.

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