Your Horoscope: June 28-July 4, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Venus leaves Taurus behind and moves into Gemini July 4-July 31. Lighthearted romance and flirtation are emphasized under planetary climates such as these. Venus, in Gemini, supports the bright side of love and friendships and encourages stimulating communication. Steer clear of heavy conversations that require defining answers during this lunar cycle. Nothing will get accomplished with that mindset. Enjoy!


Uranus remains in your sign, encouraging you to expand your repertoire and visibility within the workplace. Patience is not exactly your strong point; however, it must be exercised during this lunar cycle. The right fit will align for you regarding a career opportunity shortly. An air sign male is willing to help you find your way, Aries.


Completion of a project within your home or work begins to take shape and form during this lunar cycle. You may need to hire some additional help or reinforcements to finish the job. The more you resist this idea the more frustrated those around you will become. It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself at this time, Taurus.


You”ll be assigned to a special project within your work environment in the months to come that validates your previous efforts. Try not to become overwhelmed with this dynamic, embrace the challenge instead. Romance is moving at a smooth and steady pace. Try to breathe, Gemini.


Decisions regarding affairs of the heart may be difficult for you during this lunar cycle. Many of you may be in the position to choose between two suitors. Try not to make any hasty decisions, clarity will arrive in August. Expect the unexpected with your career, Cancer.


You’re building a fine resume you can count on during this lunar cycle. Be patient with your career path as it continues to develop. A high volume environment seeks your skill set to complete their team. By August you know exactly where you stand and are able to breathe a sigh of relief regarding your finances, Leo.


A Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces male provides you with a reference regarding your career at this time. Follow through with each and every detail to ensure this upgrade is completed. A creative project takes on a life of its own as well during this lunar cycle, creating a fresh perspective within, Virgo.


You’ve been feeling a little bit off your game as of late and you can’t exactly put your finger on the source of this uneasiness. Quiet your mind and listen to your heart, the answer you’ve been looking for will arrive by week’s end. Pay close attention to your diet as well during this lunar cycle, you may need to take a break from certain elements, Libra.


Self-employed or self-contracted career opportunities are evident now. Allow yourself the time and energy to expand upon your capital with opportunities such as these. You may be missing a loved one from the other side during this time as well. Messages arrive in an unusual form this week, Scorpio.


Saturn has created some challenges for you over the past year-and-a-half, but Saturn isn’t your enemy. This planetary influence is only forcing you to stretch beyond the limitations you had once set for yourself in the past. Those that have recently disrespected you will find themselves on the outside looking in, Sag.


A friend or loved one has been dying to catch up with you. However, their hectic schedule hasn’t permitted them to do so at this time. Be patient, by week’s end things begin to align in your favor. Travel will be on your agenda during the month of July as you continue to mix business with pleasure, Capricorn.


It’s becoming more obvious to you that a loved one has developed some emotional disorders that you’re not equipped to handle on your own. Reach out to qualified individuals that can ease the tension you are experiencing with this situation, there is only so much you can do on your own. A solution arrives by week’s end, Aquarius.


Slow your roll a bit and focus on your long-term goals during this lunar cycle. Sometimes you get so far ahead of yourself you forget the path you’ve chosen to follow. Sometimes closing the deal too quickly can leave you in a vulnerable situation. Kick a few tires before you make a permanent decision, Pisces.

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