Your Horoscopes: July 5-11, 2017

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon July 9 in Capricorn provides us with the energy to get the job done and get the job done right. This resonates with the sun in Cancer and allows us to find a way to collaborate career and family in a productive light. Mercury enters Leo July 5-July 25 supporting communication with a persuasive appeal. Venus enters Gemini July 4-July 31 encouraging us to try new things and stretch our self set limitations. With planetary influence like these you realize that you don’t have to be the absolute best at something to simply enjoy it. With that said, enjoy!


Travel is evident during this lunar cycle providing you with the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Be open and receptive to an impromptu gathering where unexpected yet valuable connections are formed. If you’re tempted to push the speed limit or “California roll” through a stop sign, think again; you don’t need a ticket to complicate your hectic schedule during this lunar cycle, Aries.


It’s all fine and dandy to pretend all is well until it isn’t. Avoiding the obvious distress of a loved one’s emotional and physical condition will only lead to a tragic event if not properly addressed in the near future. A physician or counselor is needed to get to the root of the underlying cause. Wishing it away isn’t working, Taurus.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign July 4 and remains there through July 31. Take advantage of this support system to obtain your personal goals. Self-employed or self-contracted career opportunities are evident during this lunar cycle. Go for it, Gemini!


Transitions with home and property can be a little bit stressful. However, this lunar cycle shows promise with all things surrounding the home environment. The full moon weekend (July 8-9) in Capricorn provides you with plenty of muscle mass to complete those annoying tasks you’re concerned about. Then you can consider tackling your next career move, Cancer.


Your lackluster energy and irritability is becoming increasingly evident to your loved ones surrounding you. It may be time to consider the help of a physician or counselor to stabilize the roller coaster of emotions and fatigue you’re battling with. It’s obvious to everyone a deeper issue is at the bottom of it all. Although the majority will agree that the past should remain in the past, sometimes we need to revisit it to understand the present, Leo.


You may feel as though unwanted anxiety has arrived for no apparent reason and is taking over your life. Take a step backwards and attempt to figure out exactly when and why this arrived when it did. You will find that about a month ago significant exchanges of energy with a member from your past planted the seeds for this aspect to erupt. As a result of this you appear off balance. By week’s end you will find the tools to rid yourself of this pressure. You will be all the wiser for it, Virgo.


Public acclaim and recognition arrives with the support of a colleague who really wants you to succeed in your field. They know that your abilities are priceless and rate second to none with the service you provide. This may provide some opportunities to travel in the future as well. Mixing business with pleasure is always a delightful experience, Libra.


The full moon in Capricorn will support your ability to expand upon your career sector. Keep your finger on the pulse of your community and expect some financial gain from unexpected sources. Legal contracts, documents and paperwork provide you with additional support. An emotional outburst of another is a matter of concern, Scorpio.


Finances are fantastic during the month of July so expect to be caught up with those annoying bills quickly. Be cautious around the full moon on July 9 as travel or communication could be compromised somehow. Have a back up plan to support your destination or documents during this lunar cycle. An unexpected loss could be disturbing for a loved one at week’s end. Be prepared to offer your emotional support, Sag.


A long-drawn-out legal document or contract negotiation is finally coming to a close at this time. You will know where you stand and as a result of that you will be able to move forward into a new path in life. You may find the humanitarian approach fits you the best. Involving yourself with those of like mind and hearts will bring out the best in you, Capricorn.


There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and your emotions this week. Stay very conscious of keeping the facts straight. Do not allow another to throw you off course with their insecurities or tantrums. This will not accomplish anything but more heartache. Once you lay down the law you should expect to see results. No matter how it appears you are in a stronger position than you can envision now, Aquarius.


Taking some time out for a little rest and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered at this time. Your hectic schedule combined with family stress can take a toll on your physical and emotional condition. A fresh start arrives later this month with an opportunity for a self-employed or self-contracted position that will enhance your pocket book. Be open and receptive to new ideas, Pisces.

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