Horoscopes: July 12-18, 2017


You’ll take a close look at your finances before going on vacation and the high cost of living could stress you out. On the emotional side of things, remember that love comes knocking when you least expect it.


You will be very social, and you’ll also want to take a breather professionally. Expect to find yourself drawing out your lunch hours to socialize with colleagues, employees and partners.


You will use your vacation time to tackle a few projects, both professional and domestic. But don’t forget to get some rest.


Having fun is this week’s watchword and opportunities to do so won’t be in short supply. You will start building your summer reading list, but choosing the right books won’t be easy.


You will have the urge to make some changes and the timing will feel right. Vacation time is here and will provide you the opportunity to start drafting a business plan or looking for a better job.


You will attend seminars and take part in important negotiations. In your private life you’re feeling increasingly tired of doing all the work, which could mean drastic action is needed to change old habits.


Your mind may not be completely at ease when you leave for vacation. A few office-related issues will have you dealing with work during your time off. Romance-wise, a new acquaintance will keep you guessing.


You will wrap up all work-related matters before the holidays. Don’t wing it. Make your reservations this week; during peak season, all the best places get booked quickly.


It’s the perfect time to carry out those projects you’ve been planning around the house. You will also tackle your flowerbeds and landscaping. Expect to spend some time off close to home.


You will be moving around a lot and be a tad distracted. Don’t forget your shopping list, or you’ll find yourself making a lot of return trips to the store. You’re never at a loss for words, but some people will always find a way to disagree with you.


You’ve recalculated your vacation budget several times to ensure you won’t come up short. In case you missed something, though, consider leaving yourself a cushion – even if it means dropping a couple of activities.


Your ability to take the lead will be at the fore. At work and elsewhere, you’ll find ways to take advantage of every opportunity. Your energy will be second to none.

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