Horoscopes: July 19-25


You’ll manage to find balance between rest and work. However, if you’re self-employed, you won’t be able to resist checking email from time to time, despite having promised yourself to stay away.


Shopping is on the agenda whether you’re on vacation or not. You’ll enjoy haggling with storeowners and could come out with big savings.


Take the time to recharge before diving headfirst into anything. You will be compelled to take some downtime. Let life guide you to where you need to go.


Everything about you will be no-nonsense. Even on holiday, you may opt to stay in contact with work or contemplate some important projects instead of relaxing and en -joying life.


Summer vacation will come and go way too quickly, but you will still be able to fully enjoy the time off in good company. You’ll need to organize your time carefully if you wish to do everything you have planned.


You may already start planning next year’s vacation. You will also contemplate personal and professional projects. Time will be a valuable commodity this week.


You will thoroughly enjoy your vacation time. Even if it isn’t perfect, expect to experience many memorable moments and to feel happier and more energized than you have in a while.


You’ll be quiet and introspective this week. Some deep-seated emotions might get stirred up. As for romance, you’ll know right away if your partner is not being honest with you.


Business never stops, even during the summer holidays. You will display an uncanny knack for uncovering golden opportunities or getting contracts signed.


You will be in contact with the office while on vacation, either by sneaking a peek at your phone or by cutting short your time off to get a head start on work-related activities.


You will be tempted to do something outlandish, either to attract someone’s attention if you’re single, or to spice up your routine if you’re already in a relationship.


You can look forward to a truly restful vacation, but it won’t be long before you get itchy feet. You won’t be shy about voicing your opinions, even the more controversial ones.

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