Horoscopes: July 26-Aug. 1


You’ll take some time off, but only after finishing everything on your to-do list. At home, you will achieve something that will make you particularly proud, whether it’s a floor-to-ceiling cleaning spree or a long-overdue renovation.


Self-esteem is essential for personal growth. You have the power to accomplish great things that will make you proud and will take you far. Expect a confidence boost mid-week.


No need to go far to have a nice vacation. You’ll enjoy yourself just fine at home with friends and family. Just remember that proper planning is the key to success.


You’ll be on the move all week and have many stories to tell. Expect long conversations with people from all walks of life, and pay close attention to any advice that they give you.


Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to tackle some big projects around your property during your vacation time. You’ll find the means to fulfill your professional and personal ambitions.


You’ll feel an intense desire to get moving, to expand your circle of friends and to do exciting things with those you hold dear. Others may find it hard to keep up with you.


Your health may slow you down this week, and you’ll need to catch up on some sleep. Your job will keep you busy, but you will be well compensated for your work.


Cleaning up your social circle is long overdue if you wish to better enjoy your time spent with your true friends. You may follow this up by planning a trip with those who make the cut.


Some very lucrative real estate opportunities may come your way. A few strategic renovations could double your home’s value. At the very least, you will experience a newfound appreciation for your humble abode.


You will have an idea for a trip. It may even take the shape of a pilgrimage of sorts. In any case, you’ll find yourself unusually open to spiritual matters.


Something will stir up strong emotions. Your generosity will be solicited. Try to stay within your financial and physical means.


You aren’t always the most accommodating person, but luckily you’ll manage to create and maintain harmony around you. As they say, the end justifies the means.

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