KW looking to build downtown gas station

DOWNTOWN — Kelley Williamson Co. (KW) has cleared the first hurdle in bringing a new service station to downtown Rockford.

Plans presented to the city’s Zoning Board were approved last week. KW’s proposal calls for a 14-pump full-service gas station and convenience store on Jefferson Street, between 2nd and 3rd streets.

That property is currently owned by three separate entities, one of which is Urban Equity Properties (UEP). UEP is ready to sell its piece of the land, attorney Jeff Orduno said Wednesday, and is excited at the prospect of a new KW Mobil coming to downtown.

“This is an ideal location for those of us who live or work downtown,” Orduno said, “and for people visiting the UW Health Sports Factory, City Market and other downtown venues.”

Just one block from State Street, the location would service an oasis of sorts in downtown which currently has gas stations at Midtown and on the west side.

The location may have further potential down the line, as well: all proposed models of the Whitman Interchange reconfiguration see 2nd and 3rd streets returned to two-way traffic.

“The location between North 2nd and 3rd streets is the best of all worlds,” says Orduno. “It’s close to the core of downtown while not taking up space on the State Street corridor.”

Orudno adds that the property and sales tax generated from the proposed KW Mobil would be a boost for Rockford’s coffers.

While the gas station and car wash plan were approved, some design features did not clear the Zoning Board. Even with that hiccup, the proposal now moves on to Codes and Regulations Monday before heading to the city council for final approval on Aug. 7.

KW was not available for comment. R.

–Staff report

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