Horoscopes: Aug. 2-8


You may be on vacation, but you’re already planning your next adventure. You may also spontaneously decide to go back to school at the next opportunity.


Don’t be afraid of changes, because some positive ones are coming your way. A nice outing with your better half or with friends will be a great way to wrap up your vacation.


It’s time for a makeover, and it won’t be cheap. However, a fresh wardrobe will highlight your best features and may even be necessary for a new position at work.


An upcoming promotion could solve a good chunk of your debt issues. Seizing opportunities to do some over-time should also help your financial situation. Don’t neglect your health.


You are bursting with energy and your positive attitude is contagious. You’ll be the subject of much admiration from a certain group of people thanks to your tireless enthusiasm and solid work ethic.


You will especially enjoy spending time with your family this week. You’ll also be needed to bring peace between two of your loved ones that have been in conflict for a while.


Expect lots of travel in the near future. You will be needed in many places and your kids may ask for more rides than usual. A business trip is possibly in the works and your phone won’t stop ringing.


A pleasant surprise awaits you at work when you return from your wonderful vacation: a promotion, perhaps? Your number of clients could also increase.


Be ready to move non-stop! Pleasant surprises are in store. Your friends may ask you to join them on a thrilling adventure. Let spontaneity be your guide.


You’ll need to do a little house cleaning among your acquaintances. Stop wasting your time with toxic individuals; you will enjoy your true friends all the more.


Your social life will be extremely rewarding. The big event you’ve been planning is shaping up to be a resounding success. Don’t stop your hard work just yet!


You will undertake a significant project on your own or with your partner, work associates or family. At the very least, you’ll lay a solid foundation for future endeavours.

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