Horoscopes: Aug. 9-15


You’ll find inspiration everywhere you turn this week. Your priorities will become clear and your future, easier to visualize. You’ll have a sudden idea that could lead you to new beginnings.


You’ll be happy to be put in charge of organizing a sizable event. Choose your battles; sometimes it’s better to just let it go, even if you know you’re right.


The departure of a colleague will mean a promotion for you, but the transition period may be longer than expected. Much to your surprise, a halfhearted lifestyle change will yield better than expected results.


You will have the opportunity to go on a very interesting trip. A foreign adventure will draw you in, and you may even consider moving overseas. You will take on several projects with gusto.


Dreams need time to become reality. Rome wasn’t built in a day! You will have to wait patiently for your projects to start getting results, but you will reach your goals eventually.


Your patience will be put to the test as you finalize an agreement at work or elsewhere. If you’re involved in a court case or other legal matter, a resolution in your favor isn’t far on the horizon.


Your doctor will find the perfect way to treat whatever ails you, no matter how minute. At work, expect lots of recognition — and maybe even a promotion.


You will accomplish a brilliant feat that will leave you feeling very proud of yourself. You may even save someone’s life with your listening skills. A new relationship will bring you much happiness.


You should take time to be with your family. Your children (or maybe your parents) will need you. Don’t think twice about giving them all the time and attention they need.


You may decide to go back to school or to enroll in a short training program. It will require considerable effort but you’ll reap the benefits quickly, even if you’re short on time.


You will be handsomely rewarded for putting in extra hours at work. Your efforts will put you on management’s radar and you’ll find yourself on the fast track to a promotion.


You’re on the brink of a new beginning. If you’re job hunting, a promising career will soon be within your reach. It’s a demanding position, but you’re the perfect fit. The future looks bright.

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