Cool August temps expected to continue

Illinois’ uncharacteristically cold weather in the first week of August looks like it will continue. The advice from the National Weather service? Enjoy it!

Senior Meteorologist Ed Shimon with the National Weather Service in Lincoln says the jet stream is keeping the warm weather that Illinois typically sees this time of year further west. This has given us highs in the upper 70s when it’s usually in the upper 80s.

“The jet stream has been keeping the warmer air buckled up into the western part of the United States, where they’ve been seeing record high temperatures,” Shimon said. “We’re six or seven degrees below normal. We should be in the mid-to-upper 80s this time of year.”

He says people should get outside and enjoy the unusually comfortable weather without worrying about any excessive heat.

“It’s a nice break from being outside and sweating so profusely in the August time frame so people should get out and try to enjoy it as best as they can,” he said.

Farmers worried about stunted crops due to the unseasonably cold weather shouldn’t fret too much, Shimon said, since the state received plenty of heat and moisture in June and July.

Shimon says temperatures look to stay relatively low throughout the rest of the month, which could be one of the 10 coolest months of August the state has seen.

–Illinois News Network

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