Your Horoscope: August 16-22, 2017


You will travel a lot and the trips will be a little longer than expected. Don’t turn down your friends’ invitations to relax and have fun; you’ll appreciate the downtime.


You will find creative solutions for even the smallest financial conundrum. Don’t hesitate to seek help from friends or experts to straighten out your pocketbook.


There’s tons to do and no time to lose. You’ll profit from your creativity. Against all odds, an art project you worked on for fun may soon be worth its weight in gold.


Time is scarce, but with perseverance and determination you will eventually reach your goals. You’ll find yourself re-evaluating your career and may make some changes to stay happy at work.


Expect lots of action in your social life this week. Your imagination will also reach remarkable heights, allowing you to create an unexpected masterpiece.


Time will be a rare commodity and you’ll feel the need to plan your days down to the minute in order to get everything done. It’s okay to let some things slide so you don’t get overwhelmed.


You’ve earned a short vacation. Make sure you read the fine print when you book your stay, especially if it’s a business trip. Regardless of the situation, you’ll find the time to relax and enjoy your surroundings.


You’ll be unusually emotional this week. You’ll be tempted to make a spontaneous purchase, but proceed with caution: you may end up needing extra funds in the near future.


A special occasion will require you to look your absolute best. Don’t be afraid to stand out: you’ll need to make a memorable first impression on a new acquaintance.


You will be tasked with a mountain of emergency work. You will be well rewarded for your troubles and an interesting promotion may follow shortly.


Your artistic ability will reach new heights and you’ll find yourself creating one masterpiece after the other throughout the week. Your patience will be a valuable asset during upcoming negotiations.


You may spend some of your week at home. If you have young children, don’t wait until the last minute to start planning for back-to-school.

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