Your Horoscope: August 30-September 5, 2017


Your professional calling will finally reveal itself to you, whether you’re currently in school or in the midst of a career change. Your new career will perfectly align with your expectations and values.


Your emotions will be all over the place this week. Take the time to discuss your concerns with the people involved. You will be surprised at how receptive they are, which will allow you to calm your state of mind.


It’s always easier to get along with people with whom you’re not emotionally involved. Try to avoid discussing financial matters with your extended family. They won’t take no for an answer.


There will be no shortage of emergencies to deal with at work. You will need to exercise diplomacy and tact to get along with everybody, including your family at home.


You’re overwhelmed with things to do this week, and your sleep will suffer from it. There’s a good chance that you’ll receive warm recognition for something you did some time ago.


Though family life requires a fair amount of energy, it also returns gratitude in spades. You will be delighted by your loved ones’ eagerness to trust your advice.


You have more errands to run than usual, and your kids will make you feel like a taxi driver all week. Make sure you get the right directions before you leave; a simple misunderstanding could leave you lost in the middle of nowhere.


You may have to iron out a few matters with your bank. At home, you’ll find yourself wondering about your partner’s true wants and needs. Proper communication makes miracles.


There’s a lot of action on the horizon. A charismatic friend may even convince you to try a new sport. Your creativity will enable you to find new ways to make money.


Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends, especially if you have health issues. A reunion with friends is all you’ll need to finally relax and have a good time.


Don’t be surprised if you have to revamp your wardrobe for work. New clothes, and maybe even a whole new look, may help you achieve a new level of self-confidence.


You will be in charge of an important gathering at work or with your family. Your levelheadedness will enable you to accomplish great things and solve tricky problems.

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