Your Horoscope: September 13-19, 2017


You won’t mince your words, even if what you have to say may be misconstrued. Afterward you will have to lead by example to make sure you were clearly understood.


Some unexpected expenses may pop up, but you will be resourceful in negotiating a loan with your bank manager to avoid having to tighten your belt too much.


Expect a lot of action. You should be able to carry out a feat that will be talked about a lot. A nice pay hike is in the cards at work following the signing of a big contract.


Take a moment to reflect before starting any project. You are not likely to ask for anybody’s advice, even if your decisions affect others.


Stress will be a big part of your week and you will have to rest, otherwise your health may send you signals to slow down. A little relaxation will go a long way.


Even though you have a tight schedule and many professional and family responsibilities, take the time to unwind and visit good friends you’ve neglected lately.


If you’ve been neglecting your relationship because of work, it’s time to think about taking a romantic holiday to reconnect with your better half.


There will be a lot of emotion in the air! A situation could move you deeply. One of your children will accomplish something special, if only baby steps.


You will carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Even if you have all the information you require, intuition will be your best guide.


Lots of work is on the horizon and many details will need sorting out. You should also finalize an agreement or settle a legal dispute, which should be a windfall for you.


You will have to look your best. You will take the time to spoil yourself, renew your wardrobe or maybe even treat yourself to a full makeover. One way or another, you’ll be putting your best foot forward.


You will devote a lot of time to your home and family life. You may also engage in a seemingly ordinary family activity that will turn out to be an absolute delight.

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