Your Horoscope: September 20-26, 2017


You will likely give into your friends’ and family’s eagerness to spoil you. A makeover is in the cards, and you will follow a friend’s advice on how to take care of yourself.


Something will come up to put you in the spotlight. You’ll take care of something or someone neglected by everyone else, and it will earn you high praise. At the very least, you will be warmly thanked.


You may consider buying a house, especially if change falls upon your family situation. You will be thrilled to hear about someone close to you having a baby.


You’ll be displaying the gift of gab. Even at work you will be at the heart of stirring conversations, which will allow you to expand your network of contacts and your social circle.


You will need all your resourcefulness to get out of a complicated financial situation. Your silver tongue will win people over and everyone will end up satisfied.


You will have to make a decision without all the facts. Have faith in your common sense, and if at all possible, avoid signing a long-term payment plan.


A job offer might be in the works. Take the time to discuss it with your loved ones before diving in, even if it seems like your dream career.


You will need to be socially active. Consider including your partner more often in your various activities to rekindle your passion for each other.


Expect your phone to be constantly ringing. Your clients will need you desperately and your friends will be looking for you. Your knack for problem solving will have you in high demand.


You may decide to trade in your car. But be patient when negotiating your price; the salesman could offer you an even better deal. You may decide on the spur of the moment to go on a trip.


After tallying up your budget, you will realize you have the means to take a vacation sooner than expected. A romantic getaway is on the horizon.


Change is in the air, both at home and at work. Let emotions settle for a few days before taking action. Some decisions need time to ripen.

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