Your Horoscope: September 27-October 3, 2017


You may decide to go on vacation on the spur of the moment to take advantage of the low cost of travel. You will also make some solid decisions career-wise.


Change is in the air at home and at work. You will find better focus and move in the right direction to achieve your true goals.


Patience will serve you well. You may finally be able to reach an agreement after a long fight. You will have your rights and those of your group recognized.


Work could bring its share of stress, but your partner’s love will be all you need to release that tension — but only if you put in the effort to spend quality time together.


You will be challenged in one way or another. You will be on the lookout for some action, or at the very least, try to exercise regularly with friends to get back in shape.


It’s not always easy to reconcile family life and work. Luckily, you should be able to count on your loved ones to help you fulfill all your obligations.


Careful on the roads! Also, your friends will invite you to join in many spontaneous activities this week or over the coming weekend.


Against all expectations, you will find the necessary funds to get a project off the ground or undertake some work on the house that needs to get done before winter.


You will start your week full of energy. You will want to conquer the world. You will have to learn to pace yourself so as not to burn the candle at both ends.


You will need to stop and reflect before diving headfirst into anything. You will also benefit from making and adhering to a budget if you wish to attain your personal goals.


You will most likely be surrounded by people, which you will find energizing and inspiring. Just remember to rest as well.


Time will be precious, but you will manage it carefully and accomplish everything you want to. You will even find the time to sit back and relax.

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