Your Horoscope: October 4-10, 2017


Whether in romance or at work, you’ll receive no shortage of interesting offers. Take the time to think things through before making even the smallest decision.


You will appreciate your loved ones. They will surround you and be your safe haven. You will be inspired to accomplish a masterpiece. You will also be very intuitive.


If you give it your all at work, you will land an astonishing promotion. You will start a new diet that will do wonders for your health.


You will be tempted to take up a spiritual practice that will reveal wonderful inner treasures. You will be very pleased to be welcomed into a certain group of people.


Don’t fear change; embrace it! At home, at work or in your love life, a little distance will have you rediscovering your lust for life.


Rushed agreements often don’t last. Take the time to discuss things and clarify matters so as not to always have to start things over.


You can expect a mountain of work on your desk. Someone around you is eager to help you deal with it. You will be able to increase your income or finally obtain a promotion.


Your self-esteem will increase over time. A series of successes will boost your confidence and garner you accolades and lengthy applause.


Buying property may still be a distant dream, but you will equip yourself with a few tools to someday do so. Family will be a great support, both emotionally and materially.


Don’t forget your GPS or a good road map if you’re heading somewhere new; otherwise, you may end up driving around in circles for some time.


You will find a solution to all your financial problems. You could land the job of your dreams simply by having the guts to send your resumé to a promising employer.


It looks like a new beginning! You finally have the skills you need to dive headfirst into a brand new, profitable and stimulating career.

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