Your Horoscope: October 11-17, 2017


Happiness lies within. Find it, and it will radiate into your heart, home, family and loved ones. It will be contagious.


You’ll be on the go all week, both for work and for social engagements. You will organize an event on a very tight budget that will bring together many people.


You will put in lots of hours at work, which will help you generate some extra income. Your boss will be impressed by your enthusiasm and put you on the shortlist for a promotion.


Lots of action is on the horizon! Not only will you be busy at work, but you will also find yourself adding a number of unexpected engagements to your agenda.


You will enter a rather ambiguous phase. You could try to paddle against the current, but you’re better off going with the flow if you wish to safely arrive at port.


You could very well make new friends or develop a new network of contacts that will be beneficial in the long term. Your schedule will be full and you will find it difficult to balance family and work obligations.


Every aspect of your life will be overloaded, but you will manage to get everything done on schedule. Don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.


You’d love to organize a spontaneous trip. You’ll hear about a great deal and won’t be able to resist the temptation to fly off to paradise.


You’ll be seen as a passionate dreamer with big ideas. Your dreams will fall within your reach thanks to your uncommon skillset.


You may feel like partying and getting together with friends. Even at work you will get your colleagues or clients to join you in festivities.


Health or work concerns will take up some of your week. In either case, you will manage to settle matters and improve the outlook for your future.


You would like nothing more than to spoil yourself a little. You will be lauded for something or other and placed on a pedestal. You will have every right to be proud.

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