Your Horoscope: October 18-24, 2017


Your wardrobe and the way you present yourself will have a huge impact on your career path. You will want to spoil yourself, and your friends will be there to cheer you on.


You should receive excellent news about your health. A new treatment will suit you perfectly and significantly improve your quality of life.


Your powers of seduction will know no limits! You will gather a record crowd that will please your boss to no end and double sales revenue thanks to your sociability.


You will finally realize that management considers you to be a valuable asset. This will give you the confidence boost needed for you to envision a better future.


You will find a way to transform routine tasks into fun times. You will release all this beautiful energy by engaging in feverish discussions with loved ones or visiting all your friends.


You will secure a loan that will greatly improve your quality of life, either by freeing you from a difficult financial situation or allowing you to make an important purchase.


On the romantic side, you may have to adjust your goals to better match those of your partner. At home and in life, try not to pull all the covers to your side of the bed. Sharing is caring.


Don’t shortchange yourself on sleep this week — your concentration and health could suffer. You will be very creative.


You will be very active socially, which could take its toll on your budget. You will also be captivated by a newly discovered art form.


A number of emergencies will land on your plate. At home, you will have to trust other family members to do the housework. Your strength will be in uniting people and defusing tension.


You will have to gather a lot of information before throwing yourself into a project. Even though you did not budget for a getaway, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to escape for a few days.


You will need to implement a few changes to gain stability at work and finally earn that promotion. Take that training course to gain access to a more interesting position.

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