Your Horoscope: October 25-October 31, 2017


Time will be a rare commodity for you. Try to avoid scheduling too many appointments — they could end up overlapping.


As the days get shorter, you can’t wait to plan your next getaway. You will be visited by an enthusiasm that will make you want to party.


You will be quite sensitive, and something will happen that will force you to make significant changes in your life. The competition might offer you better work conditions.


You will have the urge to refresh your appearance and won’t be able to resist the temptation to spoil yourself. You will also have a knack for negotiating low prices and better deals.


At work, this week’s emergencies will all be yours to deal with. This will do wonders for your career in the long term by forcing you to learn a new skill.


Your pride could take a hit one way or another. You will have the opportunity to gain exposure, but make sure it’s for the right reasons. Luckily, your words will be full of wisdom.


You will have some family responsibilities to attend to. You may also have to stay home for a few days this week to supervise work that needs to get done before winter.


You may have to run around like crazy. Your phone will be ringing off the hook. Avoid being overly critical of your lover and colleagues.


You will need to be careful with money. Try to adhere to your budget as much as possible, as you could run into unexpected family expenses.


With cold and grey weather on the way, you’ll feel the need to get in shape. A gym membership will help you stay active.


Don’t hurry your decisions — careful thought is always your ally. Go with the flow, and you’ll get to your destination unscathed. Listen carefully to your intuition.


Watch your step; you could trip on something. Luckily, the only thing likely to get hurt is your pride.

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