Tube Talk. A time to binge

By Paula Hendrickson

[dropcap]You’d[/dropcap] think someone who writes about TV for a living would do a lot of binge watching. But unless it’s for an article, the odds of me binge-watching a show are slim to none unless my cable provider is running one of those free premium channel promotions. That’s when you’ll find me trying to catch up on shows I don’t normally have access to.

A couple weeks ago I was texting with my siblings, both of whom had legitimate medical reasons for taking it easy for few days.

My brother opened the exchange by saying he’d just binge watched old episodes of DIY’s Rehab Addict, which we all love. Our sister said she’d been binge-watching a lot of “dystopian, futuristic” series if he needed any recommendations.

Knowing my brother enjoys watching paranormal investigation shows as much as I do, I suggested a couple to try—but of course, he already knew about them. I thought maybe he could catch up on one of his favorite shows, The Curse of Oak Island, before its new season starts, Tuesday, Nov. 7, but he’s already seen every episode. He said he loves the mix of history and mystery and watching the teamwork to piece together the puzzle of the island. He went so far as to say he wished it were on every day.

Our sister asked if she’d like it, so I reminded her that she fell asleep on the couch when we watched an episode on our brother’s recommendation. (I stayed awake, and have seen a few more episodes.)

To be fair, she said she’d just finished streaming a Brazilian show—which she described as a Hunger Games knockoff —that would probably cause our brother to fall asleep if he tried watching it. They may be siblings, but they have polar opposite taste in just about everything.

One show I thought they both might like is Jack and Ozzy’s World Detour on A&E, also returning for a new season in November. I actually got my sister to watch an episode or two last year and she didn’t hate it.

While I probably couldn’t identify an Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath song even if I saw Ozzy singing it, I love World Detour. Ozzy and Jack’s father-son rapport is always entertaining. They both clearly love each other and love history and the trivia behind it. Their show is fun and informative, but the best part is when the rock star image falls away to reveal Ozzy’s inner nerd.

With so many good TV series being made, it’s impossible to watch them all, but every now and then it’s nice to take a day and immerse yourself in a fictional world, but even some unscripted shows can make for a good binge.

Programming notes

Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island premieres Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. on History.

Season 2 of Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour premieres Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m. on A&E. R.

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