Your Horoscope: November 1-7, 2017


Busy times ahead! You will spend a great deal of time with loved ones. A little organization will go a long way toward transforming obligations into family fun.


You will find yourself in a period of reflection. You will also feel very creative and will need to get out of the house.


You will receive many social invitations, especially if you’re single. You will prioritize your friends and acquaintances and be thrilled to be in such high demand.


A number of responsibilities and obligations will be placed on your shoulders. Lucky for you, your organizational skills will be second to none and you will be very efficient.


A vacation is starting to take shape on the horizon. Just daydreaming about it will be enough to set the laws of attraction in motion and put you on the path to paradise.


The atmosphere will be emotionally charged, but it will serve your creativity well. You will need to take care of a loved one, which will strengthen your ties.


It’s always easier to get along with people we’re not emotionally attached to. One of your children will figure out exactly how to manipulate your emotions to get what they want.


A small discomfort could morph into something bigger. Fortunately, you’ll quickly find the right specialists and receive the necessary treatment.


You will be very proud of something you’ve accomplished. It will boost your self-esteem and do wonders for your overall health.


Change your diet, and you will reach your goals much faster. You will be very inspired to get a small project off the ground, and you might be working increasingly from home.


You will speak your mind, and your phone won’t stop ringing. Your many friends want you to join the fun all week long.


Don’t be surprised if a promotion comes your way at work. But beware — you will make others jealous.

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