Your Horoscope: November 8-14, 2017


Christmas is fast approaching! As the proactive type, you’ll get a head start on shopping for the holidays and making arrangements for the upcoming festivities.


To avoid going around in circles, make sure to have a map or GPS close at hand when you hit the road. Work-wise, you’ll succeed in making profitable business deals with important clients.


You’ll finally receive a sum of money that was owed to you long ago. You will prevail in financial matters regarding a refund or an insurance claim.


You’ll enjoy front-row seats at all kinds of events, but it’s up to you to take initiative and make sure plans are in order.


Expect a confusing start to the week. You’ll need two cups of coffee to brave the first couple of days. Severe procrastination and constant daydreaming won’t help your case.


Your coworkers and friends will most likely leave you in charge of organizing upcoming events, even though you would prefer to stay out of the spotlight. It’s time to find your inner confidence!


You’ll be overwhelmed with worry if the company you work for announces plans to restructure. Thankfully, you’ll succeed in climbing the corporate ladder.


A trip is on the horizon! You might suddenly feel inspired to pursue a new, exciting career that’ll take you beyond your country’s borders.


Emotions will fly high, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Consider your financing options before committing to buying a new house.


Before making your final decision, take the time to consider all of the information provided, even if you’re under pressure to respond. Think about each option carefully before revealing your choice.


You’ll have your work cut out for you this week. A minor cold will slow you down. Make sure to get enough sleep and prioritize your health!


Prepare to be the center of attention. What’s more, you’ll succeed in using humor to ease some of the tension floating in the air. Keep your ears peeled because someone might reveal a well-kept secret.

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