Your Horoscope: November 15-21, 2017


You might have trouble controlling your emotions, but this could awaken the artist in you. You’ll be exceptionally detail oriented this week.


At work, you’ll have to negotiate a deal down to the smallest detail. Romance-wise, your soulmate will finally make a spectacular appearance.


Your self-esteem will skyrocket, which will motivate you to pursue new challenges at work. However, you’ll have to put in extra effort to maintain an active social life.


Prepare for the spotlight because you’ll win some sort of popularity contest. People will flock to your side and listen attentively to what you have to say.


You’ll have lots of running around to do, either for work or to seek special care for a loved one. Be prepared for a heated argument with a colleague.


Money generally isn’t a worry in your life. You’ll be able to secure certain future guarantees and start planning an exciting new project for your retirement days.


Your children will be exceptionally rowdy this week, but that won’t stop you from spoiling them or showering them with love. You could also benefit from a pay raise at work!


You’ll want to stop and reflect before taking action. If you’re trying to find your way in the professional world, you’ll soon feel inspired to pursue a fulfilling career.


It’s important to relax and recharge after experiencing a great deal of stress. Take advantage of soothing activities to benefit from a full recovery.


You’ll soon be in a position to expand your network of contacts. You’ll get to know some interesting people and make valuable new friends, despite meeting them in a professional setting.


You can expect to live abroad for some time. At work, you’ll be introduced to people from different parts of the world. These new connections will prove extremely profitable.


If your significant other has a different cultural background than your own, certain compromises will need to be made. Shared responsibilities around the home, for example, might
be a good start.

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